Casting L2L connection?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by DEA, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. DEA

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    Hey fellas how castable is a L2L connection for jigging?

    I realize it's prolly not the lowest profile connections going thru the guides and would reduce casting distance a bit not to mention banging up the guide inserts.

    Could the loops open up midcast and catch on the guides? Or will there be enough tension (providing appropriate lure weight) to keep everything in line?

    My preferred jigging method in the waters I fish is to make a medium to long underhand (10-30yds depending on lure weight/conditions) cast from the bow then working the jigging off the bottom keeping contact while the boat is drifting. Water depth varies between 40-240ft using iron from 2oz to 14oz.

    Main line is solid colored braid with 10m color increments 8 strand. I've used 20 turn Albrights with no complaints but I hate having to retie the complete length of leader (typically 3-4 feet) after every trip not to mention metered braid isn't all that cheap. Yeah, I could prolly use a longer leader and retie less frequently but at that length the Albright doesn't travel the full length of the rod thru the guides.

    So I was just thinking of a L2L connection and allow quick changes in leaders without having to retie onto the mail line.


  2. etan

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    L2L is the only thing I use. Never had a problem or even noticed the L2L going thru the guides. I make my own windon leaders and the whole system works great. If I'm using solid spectra I use a 7 turn surgeon loop.

  3. SpecialK

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    I have used the L2L with my conventional casting setup and never had a problem. Though the hollow core does not seem to cast quite as far.

    I have recently started using a PR knot to connect leader for casting. It seems to be plenty strong and low profile. I haven't had any problems with it at all yet...
  4. kidflex

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    L2L connections will slap against the guides but for jigging and underhand lobbing shouldnt be a problem.