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Case of Mistaken Identity

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Gee whiz, sometimes you just can't win. I left 360Tuna up on my computer screen, and one of the guys walks by and sees an ad on the screen for a "Dallas Gay Realtor" and starts ribbing me about it, asking if I'm moving into an "exclusive" neighborhood and such. Anybody else seen that ad scroll across?

Tom - DBG
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DBG: I just want you to know that you have in no way lowered yourself in my estimation. As a matter of fact, my wife and I could use your advice on decorating our living room and I will be buying some new suits and ties, and could use your input.

My wife just loves those new drapes you got for her. :D
My wife made a comment about the shoes and purse he picked out.
Heck, I'm driving my wife all the way to Corpus so Tom can buy her new shoes to match her new formal. She also is bringing color swatches so he can pick the colors for the new room addition. I'm talking carpet, walls, sofa, chairs, drapes and we can't forget the new linens.

Then she wants to take him to Port A to pick some new spring colors and fabrics for the condo. Hell Tom, you might as well try out for the "Queer guys show". Or better yet, start a new show titled, "Fishing with a ***". You could decorate custom sportfishing boat interiors and pick custom rod wrap colors. I notice that you love those purple avets. If fact I think I just read where you would like to have a new avet Hoo-X in Blue and Gold.
Poor Deep Blue. Imagine coming to this board complaining of having gotten ribbing somewhere else! He just needs to pray to the Good Lord that this thread disappears before Gunsmoke notices it. Otherwise, someday years from now, somebody will mention a brightly-colored reel and GS will post something like the following:

"I hate anodized reels. One time, we had this old boy on the 360tuna website and everybody thought he was ok if you know what I mean, and hell, maybe he was--I never followed him around with video camera-- but then, come to find out, he bought a purple reel and let everbody know about it. Not only that, but he needed to buy some real estate and we found out he wouldn't do business with anybody but a gay realtor. Anyway, I asked him if he would like to race me sometime for a thousand dollars, and he said he would, so we I got him onboard and we went out about 50 miles into the blue water, in about 60 fathoms or so, and I tossed that purple reel overboard, and tossed him in after it and put the hammer down on both diesels for shore. I waited off and on at the dock for the better part of two weeks and then, one day, here he came swimming up to the dock with that reel in his teeth, and barnacles all over his bare butt. He climbed out and walked away without even saying "Thanks," much less paying me the grand. Overall, though, I think it did that old boy some good, because the next time I saw him out fishing, he had a gold reel just like the Good Lord intended, and he had a good-looking woman on the boat. Who ever said a man can't change?"

Or maybe not...

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Yeah, I saw that ad.. Sorry to hear about the ribbing Tom.. But you gotta admit its funny.. So could you help me with a new color scheme for the Hardlicker????
i dont hink gay and hardlicker should be in the same topic... LOL!!!

But Tommmmmy.... purple is sutch a tweeeet color!!! hehe... this just made my miserable day turn nice! Thanks for the laughs!
Mrbill, is this Deepbluegulf guy one of the guys from Corpus you wanted me to meet for breakfast in Corpus tomorrow morning? I don't think so. I can't be seen with a flaming fairy. I've got a reputation to maintain.

How well do you know him? Please don't tell me that he's the guy that owns the pink 36 Contender named "Popsicle"that runs offshore from Corpus!!!!!!!!!!

You can usually spot a guy that's light in the loafers right away. Maybe he just came out the closet. If he owns a purple avet then it's very obvious that he's a ****. Manly men don't own pink hull boats and for sure don't buy purple reels. Is this the same guy that was wearing pink flip flops about a year ago?
DBG asked me to reming you to bring down another case of KY jelly for him. :eek: :D

I thought it was the "Hard Liquor"? Dang... things just keep getting weirder. I guess if it really was the "hard liquor", you probably would've just called it Bourbon or Whiskey for short.!

BTW, I recommend "PINK" for all of you.

This is too freakin' funny....LMAO!!!
Tom....you didn't step in it....(I think you tippy toed into it) :D

Mr. Bill and Gunsmoke....are you guys gonna join us for breakfast?
Tom, We were taking tequila shots trying to think of a name for our new to us boat and my boat partner was coming up with names like xanadu and hakuna matata... a bunch of gay stuff and I had to order another round of shots and said how about Hard Liquor.... but spell it differently.. and it stuck... We gets lots of laughs and thumbs up after reading the name on the boat....

I was planning on joining you guys for breakfast tomorrow... but my plans to change out impellers and thermostats got the kaibosh from two of my managers being out sick. I hope to get down in the next couple of weeks...
Maybe it will be nice enough for a wahoo run.... Yall have fun...
Are you getting a rainbow colored reel? :D
Mr. Bill and Gunsmoke....are you guys gonna join us for breakfast?

PM sent
Yall leave poor Tom alone.. Lite Liner's / Brian has a Purple Avet too!

But then again he's from Kalifornia! LoL

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