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I love catching tuna, but have never been able to master cooking it to match the ahi-style that I've had in restaurants. I don’t do any prep other than having the deckhands toss them into the cooler. Sometimes I’ll cut through the gills to try to bleed them out some before they go into the cooler. Please give me tips to ensure that I’ll have great fish to take home while not missing out on a hot bite with too much prep.

1. Care / storage immediately after catch
2. Filleting / cleaning
3. Home storage
4. Food prep / marinating
5. Grilling / searing


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When you get a basic piece of seared tuna, it is typically a steak rubbed with olive oil or butter (yum) and oil, sprinkled with S&P and tossed on a very hot grill or very hot pan (cast iron if you have it). A 1" steak only needs about 45 seconds a side to perhaps a minute. Let it rest for at least 5 minutes before slicing across the grain.
I like to make a marinade (almost a paste) of a few kind of dried chiles, garlic, cilantro, ground pepper, olive oil and apricot preserves. Whizz this all up in a blender or use a stick blender (the thing you hold in your hand and has a propeller on the bottom) to make the paste. Taste this and adjust the seasoning till you like what you have, and then slather a brick (seriously, a hunk of loin the size and shape of a brick) of tuna heavily and wrap in plastic wrap. Toss this in the fridge for 3-4 hours. remove from the fridge an hour before you grill it and right before it hits the heat, scrape off all the marinade and salt the tuna liberally. Save the marinade and put it in a small saute (frying) pan, add a half cup of fresh squeezed tangerine juice and bring to a boil. Reduce till it becomes a thick syrup (like maple, or a bit thicker) and reserve for the table.
The grill should be so hot you can't hold your hand over it for more than a few seconds. Grill the fish 3 minutes per surface, and remove from the fire. Let the fish rest for ten minutes before slicing. Serve this with anything you like, or over a nice light salad (I like mixed greens), and drizzle a bit of the glaze over the fish.

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honestly if you gaff the fish bash its head in, bring it aboard and PROPERLY bleed it......put it on ice........and clean it WITHOUT WASHING IT WITH WATER itll be fine.

by bleeding properly i mean do not kill the heart. itll stop pumping blood and then it wont get bled as well. if you do it properly they should bleed out for about 15 minutes. a box cutter works very well.

you can spike the brain ,core it put a line down its cord and all that but if you are just caring for it for personal use, the above method will be fine.

dont touch it with fresh water, itll F the meat up. with salt water itll be OK - but better if it never touches any saltwater.
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