carbontex drags washer for diawa saltist?

Discussion in 'Reel Repair' started by abz400, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. abz400

    abz400 Senior Member

    where can i get some in houston tx? or do i order online and where.
  2. kidflex

    kidflex Senior Member

    just order them from smoothdrag. only 1buck for shipping

  3. Lumberjack93

    Lumberjack93 Member

    Make sure you don't have one of the new saltist reels. They now come with Carbon Fiber drags washers, not the thin paper like type.

  4. Taz575

    Taz575 Senior Member

    Levelwinds have carbon fiber drags. A saltist 20 I took apart today had the carbon drags in it. Daiwa is learning!
  5. alantani

    alantani Senior Member

    we're winning, guys! if we could get a single manufacturer, say okuma, to go with greased carbon fiber in all of their reels, it would raise the bar for the entire industry. then i could quit this reel repair stuff and concentrate on fishing!
  6. jig

    jig Senior Member

    Alan, why do you think this has not happened yet? Carbon fiber seems to be cheap, lasts forever, is smooth as silk greased. I have never heard a complaint. So why use anything else? Just looking for your personal opinion.
  7. alantani

    alantani Senior Member

    at the risk of sounding harsh, there are many guys in the fishing industry that do not fish. surgeons that undergo surgery themselves ALWAYS prescribe more pain meds for their patients. i think that any reel repair guy (with a choice) that has lost a fish because of sticky drag would always use greased carbon fiber. personally, i think the guys in marketing are to blame! here's something i wrote years ago. i generally try not to type after my third scotch! "imagine if i was an okuma engineer...".

    imagine if i was an okuma engineer.... - The Hull Truth

    i'd be sitting at my desk, head in my hands, thinking ...

    "the guys in marketing should be shot! where do they get off telling me how to design a fishing reel. i can't possibly make a reel that big and still that light. marketing's a bunch of idiots, the frame will never hold up. and the drag material! it's garbage and they know it! sigh...".

    "ok, well, i can beef up the graphite frame a little. at least they're letting me use stainless steel for most of the parts. hey, actually, i can beef it up alot and still keep the weight down! the aluminum spool will still corrode as soon as it gets wet, but most guys leave the line on the spool for 2-3 years anyway. no one will ever know, or care. what to do about the drag washers? hey, no one else's drag washers work either so i'm right up there with the best. i'll use a stainless steel two position handle. how much will it cost to punch a second hole? marketing wants high speed. fine, i'll give them high speed. at least this way i can use a bigger drag washer. even if it does seize up halfway through the first fish...".

    so a guy sends me a brand new okuma convector CN 55W to work on. it's got a graphite frame, an aluminum spool, mostly stainless steel guts and mostly stainless steel external hardware. first, i back out the screws from the left side plate. it has self tapping screws, not machine screws. ok, no grease needed here. i pulled off the handle and star, then the right side plate. the main gear was HUGE!!!!!! the biggest i've ever seen in a reel of this type. i was able to fit a penn ht-100 #56-440 drag washer under the gear and three #6-5600 drag washers inside the gear. i had to clip off the "keys" on the all of the drag washers and needed a step drill bit to enlarge the inner diameter on the #56-440 and one of the #6-5600's. i greased the drags, lubed the bearings and bushings, and the rest was a straight reassembly. once you figure out how to reassemble these reels, they're a piece of cake. i called the owner of the reel to announce my success and ask if he wanted a bigger grip on the handle. the answer was yes!