captjohn 22-23

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by kidflex, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. kidflex

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    was on the captain john 22-23 with some friends(tonec, cajuntuna, and brenda) we caught a mixed bag of fish consisting of amberjacks, scamp grouper, beeliners, couple of black fins and sharpnose sharks. the tuna bite was definately off. I finally got to try out my Hot's wei world/ twinpower combo. did not put it down the whole trip. didnt even get to use my smith wgj rod. caught 3 aj's on a red oti jitterbel 420gm, heres the bigger of the three i caught. got smoked at little sister rig at the same time the 79 pound aj was hooked up. ygk ultra jigman pe5 couldnt hold that monster.

  2. fishingduck

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    Congratulation on the AJs. I actually prefer AJ meat than BFT.
    I also have a Smith WJG rod & like it a lot. How do you compare
    it against the Hot wei world ?

  3. rtran

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    I need to get on one of these Capt. John trips
  4. kidflex

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    my smith wgj rod is conventional and is rated for only 7 oz, so definatley lighter setup than the wei world. construction wise, i say they are equal.
  5. bulllred

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    Nice! Thanks for the report. Purevl, you got to get on the Captan John, for the price its a good trip.
  6. Ragman

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    Nice report and great picture of that AJ!

    The red Jitterbel (320g) is what Etan used one night on the Big E when he was schooling me on YFT.