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Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by SpecialK, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. SpecialK

    SpecialK Super Moderator

    Has anyone fished with Captain Chuy leaving from Punta Mita?
    He came highly recomended by Lora. Lora was not available for the dates we needed so I booked Chuy. On main question I had was what kind of trolling equipment does he have?
    We are taking jigging and popping rods but should we bother with trolling setups?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    You trying to catch a cow? I'm sure all charters down there have sufficient equipment for it as Lora recommend him.

    Only way to find out is ask Chuy, you can check I think Chuy is on there.

  3. mcgolfer

    mcgolfer Guest

    be sure to take plenty of large poppers. on our trip the first part of this month the oti komodo poppers were the big producer on boat for 3 days to tuna busting bait on top....rick
  4. SpecialK

    SpecialK Super Moderator

    Rick thanks,
    I have 4 Komodos, 4 wombats and about 6 randoms. Alongs with a dozen or so hammered diamond jigs and OTI jigs.
    Hoping to get into some topwater action!

    Another question I just thought of...
    Is there a limit on YFT in PV, or do the captains make the call?
    Last tip to cabo we got 4 a peice and then went after the marlin the rest of the day.
  5. mcgolfer

    mcgolfer Guest

    i don't think they have any limits if so i don't think they are enforced.....rick
  6. SpecialK

    SpecialK Super Moderator

    I read somewhere it 10 fish any species. If you keep a billfish or shark it counts as 5. Mexico has funny regs. I will quit keeping fish oncei know my cooler will come home full. Problem is the captains always want to keep fishing so they can sell to the market...
  7. Argo

    Argo Senior Member

    I have yet to have juan sell any of my fish until after I had what I wanted.......
  8. Bret

    Bret Senior Member

    hey special k, take some small diamond jigs.. like 4oz.. they are great for catching skippies...
  9. SpecialK

    SpecialK Super Moderator

    Will do Bret!
    I have a few in the bag already and i'm going to throw in a few more.