Capt. Mike Ellis's 33 Freeman Cat

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  1. SkeeterRonnie

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    i thnk Bill Fisher likes it. i have been snapper fishing within site of land in some deep water. huge snapper at that.
  2. Lordofbarbeque

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    I actually got to ride in one of the first trips in Mike's new sled and it was nice. He intentionally went out the Southwest Pass to see how it would handle those waves. I could have sworn some of the waves at the mouth of the pass were true 8 ftrs and in very short intervals. Anyway he did have to do some good tacking, but that boat made it fun. I would say he chose well.

  3. Argo

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    I went out with mike on another capts gravois 30' cat a couple of times and he is a great capt/fisherman. I look forward to fishing with him on this beast. I really liked the gravois.

    Mike, how is the ride on this compared to the aluminum hull cat??
  4. SPWhiteShark

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    How does this boat compare against the Renaissance Prowler 306?
    ( Power Catamaran Prowler 306 and 246 Series by Renaissance Marine ).

    I have a GB 26 and need something bigger, mine is a dual console and I love the layout as we don't fish (except with spears). Are their any DC's in this category? I've seen the WorldCat29DC and it's not big enough to warrant the upgrade? Thanks for your Help!
  5. BretABaker

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    tunahunter has the 27 world cat and it was a great boat. this layout looks very similar.
  6. gimmedeal

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    They had twin 350 Yamahas on this boat at the Miami Boat Show and it's very fast. There is a lot of info on Freeman Boats on

  7. d-a

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    It has a nice sexy look, too bad it's an expensive fiberglass encapsulated plywood boat.

  8. Capt. Mike Ellis

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    I know some people don't understand the construction method and are afraid of a cold molded boat. But all core materials have there downsides, you can make a all composite core boat that is a POS or you can make a wood core boat that is a POS. That's why a totaly custom and built to your specification boat is more expensive than a off the shelf molded boat. I was a little leary at first of a wooden boat. But after the reasearch on the wood (it's not plywood from Home Depot)used in the construction and visiting the shop to see how things were done. It put all of my concerns to rest. I have no problems whatsoever with my boat after having it for 14 months and 1600 hours or so. I base my sole source of income off of the performance of this boat. It is truly the first boat I have owned that I will actualy repower and keep running. No matter what the boat is made out of it just simply works.
    Capt. Mike
  9. peterk814

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    hey mike its doug fir? Wood boats are some of the best boats made. I would love a mahogany or a purpleheart boat
  10. masonboro

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    i know a little bit about cold-molded boat's.I do not know the details of the boat in this thread but today's cold-molded boat's aren't just plywood boat's.Chance's are this boat was built with Okouma Plywood.The plywood has many different laminate's or layer's of thin sheet's of wood.I believe Okouma wood is an African hardwood.In between these laminates they use a very high grade Epoxy for bonding the laminate's together.They also run the grains of the wood in various directions to greatly increase the strength of the plywood.When the plywood is totally encapsulated in today's epoxy you end up with a very strong,seaworthy custom boat.I could go on and on about cold-molded construction but just wanted to kind of clear up the plywood issue.
    I am going to try and attempt to post a picture of the last cold-molded boat I built.She is all plywood.
  11. masonboro

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    She is all plywood.
  12. Capt. Mike Ellis

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    Vey pretty boat there I am a firm believer in the cold molding process. To answer another question yes it is douglas fir stringers and Okume ply for the rest of the core.
    Capt. Mike
  13. masonboro

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    Douglas Fir is an excellent wood for stringers.Very straight long grain,clear wood.We also used Fir for the chine's and Sheer clamp's.
  14. Bret

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    Wow, beautiful boat Masonboro..