Capt. John July 22-23 36hr

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    Capt. Johnny Williams was at the wheel for this 36hr trip offshore. The sea conditions were as one said "2 bumpy and 3 breezy" the day before. IMO seas were 6-8ft going out to our first stop. Drifting behind shrimpboats produced little action. One BFT was landed and several sharpnose sharks. Dropping anchor over the Clay Piles, the boat soon had sow red snappers on the deck. It was time to kick the diesels in gear and head for the floaters. Gunnison would be the captain's choice for the night, one of my personal favorites. The BFT bit was on and off depending on the drift. Chunk'n produced a 59# YFT (Angler-Jens Nielison) caught on 40# line with a mini calstar rod. The next day produced more snapper, grouper, shark, and AJ's near the Flower Gardens. A Hammer circled the boat. He ate several sardines thrown overboard however, no hookup. Average trip overall had a great time fishing with Patrick, Travis and Brent.
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    Thanks for the report! Any pic's?


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    It was nice getting a chance to meet and fish with you. Pretty good trip overall... would of been nice if we could of got into some more yellowfin. But hey, theres always next time! I like that mini calstar rod!

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    Brent -Can you please send me that picture of that 59# YFT. [email protected] Are you and Travis going in Sept. on a 36hr?