Capt Eddie - Venice 6/30 - Airborne YFT Frenzies

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    I have always heard and read about the great fishing in Venice with Capt. Eddie and can only say that his legacy continues. We had an outstanding trip that is one of those lifetime memories that will make us all smile. Thanks to Capt. Eddie, Josh, and the crew for a great trip…..Now on to the report……..

    We launched from Venice Marina at 1:00 pm on Saturday for a 24 hour trip with Capt. Eddie. We went out about 35 miles to catch bait for the yellowfin tuna troll. On the way out we came across a very nice sized whale shark….he was probably close to 20 ft. in length. We then proceeded to a rig to load up on bait. Capt. Eddie was a master at catching bait….<grin>…..he put many hardtails in the livewell. There were many boats in the area and around the time that we finished getting bait, we noticed a few blowups of yellowfin tuna in the area. After a while, the yellowfin tuna were airborne and it steadily became better and better. Boats all around us were catching very nice sized dorado and the tuna were popping out of the water all around the area like popcorn.

    Most all of us on the boat were lucky enough to have witnessed one of the most exciting yellowfin tuna events of a lifetime. During a fantastic display of a tuna frenzy, there was an airborne blowup that dropped our jaws. Around eight or ten tuna went airborne at the exact same time in a very tight group that made for an awesome display. There was a very large tuna that jumped around 10 to 15 feet above the water with eight to ten other tuna at lower levels in the air at the same moment that I can best describe as a tuna fish Christmas tree. Altogether we must have seen hundreds of yellowfin tuna jumping into the air while attacking bait fish. The airborne yellowfiin events were absolutely unbelievable!!

    We boated two nice sized tuna and a couple of 15 to 20 pound dorado during the first couple of hours of trolling. The tuna were only hitting the live bait on a slow troll and were not very interested in topwater poppers. Scott (bellyup) was able to get a yellowfin on a flying frenzy though….an interesting hookup early into the trip. Bruce was able to catch a nice dorado, about a 20 pounder, on a frenzy flier popper. After a lull period Captain Eddie decided to take us South to a set of rigs. We arrived very close to sunset and noticed numerous blowups near one of the rigs. We caught larger yellowfin, (60 to 90+ pounds), at the rigs while chunking on the drift. It seems that we had at least one hookup on each drift and had quite a few doubles on some of the drifts. With a mixture of blackfin and yellowfin action the fishing was fast and furious. We were on the boat for less that twelve hours, (1pm to midnight), and probably fished for around seven or eight hours. We completely filled the fishbox with fish at midnight and decided to head back to the marina.

    The totals were 12 yellowfin tuna (50 to 100 lbs) and 3 dorado (10 to 25 lbs). I caught my personal best yellowfin of 80 pounds.

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    Here are some more pics of our trip with Capt. Eddie.....

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    Thanks for the report, looks like it was a great trip.
  4. Bret

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    Nice report Richard.. sounds like fun was had by all.
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    That first pic looks like a submarine, cant wait til me an my grandpa get out to venice one of these days!
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    The photo of the yellowfin on the surface is awesome. You could not have taken a better one.

    I would have stayed and fished the entire 24 hours though. Just release em. That is a long way to fish 12 hours and turn around!
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    Good report Richard.
    You and the rest of the crew did well.
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    I'm jealous. Looks like it was a fun trip. Thanks for the report. Was the Deep Water Millennium a drill ship?
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    3 was a huge drilling ship. We caught bait by casting sabikis right by the ship and jigging them up. We used 3-4 inch hardtails on a slow troll for the yft during the day and blackfin chunks at night. It was a great trip.
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    We are headed there on Saturday morning. Can't wait.