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Cape May tuna jigging

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Since the last two outings were popping tuna trips, i wanted to go jigging.
The crew was Randy Anglers-proshop his friend Mike my brother Ismael,
my friend Jim and myself. We left Cape May around 4am on the PrimeTime
with Capt Bob.As soon as we arrived my first drop i was hooked up, i landed
a nice fish in the 50-60lb class. Second drop another hook up same size fish.
At this time others on the boat started to hook up the fishing was very good
and very fast. Then it slowed down at mid-mourning so some started to chunk and started catching fish again.By early afternoon the jigging bite
started again and we had them under the boat from the bottom up to
60feet solid. We had a very good trip landing around a dozen tunas with many others hooked but
lost due to pulled hooks and broken lines.
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Some pictures.


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Nice catch.
What jigs?
Man, you guys are wearing them tuna out! Great report ! I too would like to know which jigs produced the best for you guys..
Speaking of blood... Im up here off Marthas Vineyard, Mass getting ready for the ESPN Monster Shark Tournament, starts Friday. Lots of cash to be won, unfortunately we dropped the largest shark Ive been attached to yesterday during our practice run...a 600# thresher. Broke my a**

Great trip J Flores, we will end up fishing togther sometime soon, schedules have conflicted when Randy has called me. tight lines
Congratulations for your anothr success tuna trip.
I opted to go farther to Hambone area to catch bigger one as one boat landed a 180 lbs bluefin there a few days ago, but unfortunately there was no life when I got there. I talked with Capt. Bob who you fished with and he promised me to call me when a 100 + lbs bluefin show up.

Good luck tomorrow's shark fishing with Capt. Dom.
I talked with him today and he caught many school bluefin on the way to shark ground.
nice report. glad to see ya gotem. hope we can get together and get out sometime
Man, you guys are wearing them tuna out! Great report ! I too would like to know which jigs produced the best for you guys..

The hot jig was ANDAMAN 185g. I received lots of bites on this jig, it
was unbelievable. Also in the afternoon i used a 8oz. diamond jig i caught
several fish on it.
thanks kil we are up here with Dom today, weather is rediculous ... thunderstorms and bad seas 4-6 tomorrow during travel day, 7-9's for day 1 -Fridays and 5-7 for day 2 saturday's. Nothing like drifting in blood and chum, being surrounded by huge man eating sharks in really rough seas LOL

Anthony has done really well with two sharks in the 150-200 range this week. Were going to give it a shot
Glenn, I hope you catch a trophy shark as you did last year.

Here is a video of hammerhead shark attacking a big tarpon.

YouTube - A Titanic Hammerhead viciously attacks a tarpon

Since you're into sharks, let me ask you a question. Have you ever caught a thresher shark in the GOM? I've never caught one in the GOM but a friend of mine caught one last weekend fishing on the rocks out of Port A. He was drifting a ribbon fish. He released it, but said it was around 7 ft long.

I once battled a thresher off Cabo for three hours. That big tail has some power.
Im looking for one angler i have a charter this Monday 23rd. on the
Primetime out of Cape May nj. Its a jigging, chunking trip. It should be
a good trip, as weather is looking good and the fishing is hot right now.
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