Cape Cod Bass River June 2013

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    The busting scenario had faded away and we went back to chase them with pushing water with sheerwater birds gathering giving us a sign of life,
    Now the hunt is more challenging and hard but the rewards on those conditions are priceless.
    Evan, Luke and Nick were my companion for the next 2 days; we chartered Captain Eric Kulin from Snap Shot and we headed out for the hunt,
    We were greeted by whales feeding on sand eels, the scenery was amazing and the whales were feeding aggressively,
    The first sign of tuna was when we saw a boat hooked up at first light with sheerwater heading east in a fast mode.
    We kept on following them till they settled down and took casting position, Captain Dom was ahead of us and they had the ultimate shot,
    Adrian took the shot and I saw his Moutoukenaru getting inhaled 30 feet away from the boat, it was an awesome hit but unfortunately the fish ended up gaining it is freedom and broke the single hook on the tail of the lure.
    It was quite a disappointment but it is part of the game.
    We kept on following the school until we saw an opportunity,
    We all casted our lures to the direction and boom, game on,
    Evan was tight on the Sorry Charlie 170,
    After 20 minutes or so the fish was landed and measured 68 inch, we all congratulate him for an awesome fight to get it to the harpoon,
    It was my first time on the harpoon but I got it set properly, I was waiting for the fish to go crazy but it seems my hit was on the spine, the fish didn’t even move.
    We ended the day with a single opportunity and 1 fish  not a bad day to end.
    I had a great time on board the contender and I am keen to go back to the Cape next week, if you guys looking for some action I suggest you not to wait too long.

    Tackle used:

    Rods: Race Point 200,250,300 and the 150 prototype
    Reels: Shimano Stella SW18000 & STL18000SWBHG
    Lures: Siren Sorry Charlie 170, Siren Bad Mon 250, Carpenter Pandora 155+30, Moutoukenmaru,
    Line: Power Pro Hollow 100lb & 130lb, Sunline Cast Away Monter PE8
    Leader: Saltywater Tackle Tuna System leader

    Tight Lines
    Evan Tight On The Custom Race Point 250
    Custom Race Point 250 Along Siren Sorry Charlie 170 Sealed the Day For Us :)
    Group Picture, Nick, myself, Evan and Luke.
    More Whale Pictures And I Am Learning From The Best Photographer Captain Eric Kulin :)
    The beach is filled with seals
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    Good report Sami how did you get Evan to smile!

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    Excellent pictures and great clarity. You must have some pretty good lenses.
  4. ghever

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    congrats and great camera work Sami.
  5. outermostangling

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    Nice report guys, and great catch for Evan.

    Capt Josh

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    Those pics are awesome! Congrats on the fish!
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    Nice catch Ev!
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    Awesome fish Evan! And Awesome pictures Sami!
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    You da man Evan! Outstanding!!
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    Sweet, "Gluckin" post!
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    You da man Evan! Outstanding!!

    Big Tom,
    You're Looking so handsome with that GT on your lap :)
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    Nice pics. Congratulations!
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    Beautiful pics fellas!
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    After fishing with Luke for two days, catching a tuna, and then him having a night to spend in NYC before heading back to Australia the next day, it was only fitting that we showed him how we enjoy our catch; sushi at Anuvat's! We finished off the night with some more Japanese food and beers at one of our favorite late night spots in the City.

  15. linh.

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    Amazing captures! I'd like to get on a boat just to see whales feeding.
  16. sami G

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    Amazing captures! I'd like to get on a boat just to see whales feeding.

    Can't agree more with you on the whales show, we've been forced to put the rods aside and watch those amazing creatures, it is worth the trip just to watch them in the wild feeding and playing around.

    CAPT.JEFFB Junior member

    Evan congrats on the catch bro, and Sammi awesome photos, those whale feed shots are sharp as can be,real picture frame quality. Me and the boys are excited headed to the cape wednesday evening, see you soon,Jeff.