Cape Cod 6/20

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    Quick report of trip with Chip, Al and myself.

    Tons of bait, tons of tuna!
    We pulled hooks on one early in the day. Another followed my lure all the way to the boat and tried to take it there but no luck - it spooked at last minute. It was good size probably 120-170lb as its hard to gauge 3 feet under water. Decided to run the grounds to see whats going on a see lots of bird action and bait at alot of spots. I yelled to Chip to try one spot quickly as boats were following and this feeding frenzy looked more intense than the others. I think maybe it was a bad decision on my behalf. Dom was one of the boats behind us but he did not stop. As we soon find out later he had run just a bit further and hooked up, think this was Andy who was hooked up. I wish we didn't stop now as I think Chip had intentions of going to that exact spot and it could of been us! But congrats Andy!

    We messed around with stripers for a bit and hooked some nice size ones but all were released. Then someone on the radio calls out to goto a spot where tuna are busting everywhere. We head over there and sure enough they are pods of tuna everywhere on the surface.

    We all casted and jigged at them to no reward. They simply did not want any of our lures. These tuna were big up to 200lb. The smaller 40lb jumped out the water but the bigger just broke surface and you could see their backs.

    We followed and chased over 3 feeding frenzy at this spot. It was like glass on the water and only us and maybe 2 other boats.

    I had a good time. Today was not our day to kill any monsters.
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    sounds exciting rich. too bad on the uncooperative tunas.

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    I enjoyed being out there too Rich and will share a boat with you anytime. Had a few 1st trip equipment issues and wasted some time dealing with wind knots and faulty leader connections :( but next time will be different:)
  4. rtran

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    yes sir sure hope so!