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    We headed out of Fairhaven, MA around noon on Saturday, 120+ miles. Pea soup literally until we were 5 miles from the edge lol. Cleared beautifully and the water was smooth and BLUE! We were trolling by 630pm but didn’t have any luck except for a few skipjacks.
    We settled in for the overnight around 930pm and dropped a couple squid down while we drifted. No dice but we did have a small hammerhead in the lights at one point, plenty of squid hanging around too.

    430am we started getting our spread out and we were on shortly after getting back on the troll. We pick up 6 nice YFT 40-60lbs and we had one marlin come up in the spread.
    we picked up at 1030am and headed for the barn. Nothing crazy but a good trip. Now I need to start processing my loins for the freezer.

    75D8C7F2-A465-4D86-8F7A-4AA188F25828.jpeg 5FE8EED6-685C-467B-BC56-56EE3C658A79.jpeg 0F3E466B-A59B-403D-BCB3-1DADE26C7583.jpeg D0252992-30BA-4647-AAB3-14865CC02519.jpeg 304172C1-DCE0-4F05-9D32-093F1BF792E5.jpeg 5446A22F-3072-4DC7-8B43-4A0F4D0B7A33.jpeg B5ED3175-3AB5-4408-BF28-1ECE8D30F2C0.jpeg 0E1F6F75-7B69-45B6-8A12-360735AD7FF7.jpeg
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    To the victor.....
    8E80A6C0-330C-411D-BA6D-A9FF5F4F1685.jpeg F2991949-F9E0-43C9-8BB6-76513571503B.jpeg

    and, of course, I had sashimi while I cut loins into steaks and vacuum sealed today.

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    Hell yeah! way to break it in.
    120 out is impressive!
    did you run south or east?
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    Not my boat but southeast lol
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    Your post was good and like medicine for me,thanks
    I have cabin fever!
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    I haven't had any luck vacuum packing and freezing YFT. How long does your frozen YFT stay fresh> Are you flash freezing?
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    From my experience, the color of YFT definitely fades quickly, even when vacuum sealed and frozen quickly. I find that the taste is fine though for up to one year. I basically do a lot of sushi the first few weeks I have it, then after that, cooked recipes.
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    Yup, I’ve found about the same. I always freeze too much and don’t leave enough out fresh lol
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    I try to eat as much as I can in the first 2 -3 days and give most to friends and family. It will last for a while if processed properly but the taste and texture definitely changes.
    Enjoy it fresh with friends and family and make good memories
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    I find that if you going to freeze it you're better off freezing in large loin chunks rather than steaking them out as it protects more of the meat from freezer burn even when vacuum packed. When I defrost a package I take a knife a cut like a 1/4 off around the loin to get that nasty, dark freezer burned layer off. I find after 3 months its just not good for sushi, but ok for searing. Smoked tuna belly however lasts a long time, and you can also can it make some dynamite tuna salad. But yea its best fresh and I like to give some to my friends & neighbors.
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    Congrats re-emerging nice yellows!! Like Mitchman said large loin pieces will 6 to 12 months
    Still have to have great preparation before bleed plug cut remove gills head clean inside of body Cavity of all blood ice down as soon as it hits the deck
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