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    Canyon Lake: Water gin clear; 81-86 degrees; 904':
    Largemouth are fair to 4 lbs. for the first couple of hours of
    daylight along mainlake points and bluff ledges in 15'-25'
    deep using Carolina rigged Snap Back creature baits,
    rootbeer-green finesse worms on jigheads and watermelon
    5" JDC Craws.
    Smallmouth are fair at night and at first light over rockpiles
    in 30' on watermelon JDC Craws, Devil's Tongues on drop
    shots, and green pumpkin tubes on jigheads produce after
    Stripers are fair trolling Deep Tail Dancers, vertically jigging
    1/2 oz. silver Pirk Minnows and bucktail jigs along humps.
    For information or to book a guided trip w/the largest, most
    experienced/knowledgeable, fulltime guides on Canyon Lake
    contact JR's Guide Service Call
    (830) 833-5688 or email [email protected]. For the best
    selection or tackle, lures, bait or for honest, truthful information
    and boat rentals check Boat N Go (
    1478 FM 2673, Sattler, TX. Call 1.877.383. 2628.
    Lake LBJ: Water stained; 85 degrees; 824. 82':
    Largemouth are good at night and the first hour or so of
    daylight in 5-12 feet over wood cover on black red JDC Skip N
    Pop topwaters, black Terminator buzzbaits or spinnerbaits
    and wacky rigged watermelon-red Whacky Sticks .
    Stripers are fair to good at night on 2 inch Spoiler Shads.
    White bass are very good at night using 1-1/2 inch Spoiler
    Shads and Lit'l Fishies.
    To book a guided trip w/the only guide service fishing LBJ for
    50 years contact JR's Guide Service
    Call (830) 833-5688 or email [email protected].
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    Welcome to 360tuna.

    Thanks for your report, how far is lake LBJ from Dallas? just curious.

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    Tj, Lake Lbj is about 50minutes west of Austin.. near the town of Marble falls.
    It is part of the highland lake chain.... a constant level lake..
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    Bret, thanks for the info.