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Can't say where

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I can't say where, but Blake and I have been killing the sand bass in the creeks the last wekk. Two trips this week have resulted in over 200 fish. I had some professional help from Ross today and another friend. Spanked them! Blake is the self proclaimed mayor of FISH CITY! He is getting much better with using a rod and reel.
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Pope: Not sure what a "sand bass" is. Is that a white bass?
That's East Texican for white bass.
The Mayor


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Oh yeah! Way to go Blake.
god!!!! i am glad i didn't have to clean all those fish.....rick
god!!!! i am glad i didn't have to clean all those fish.....rick
Thats what I was thinking... Good job BlaKe!!!!!!!
Good job Pope.

That smile and the memories are worth cleaning those fish.
LOL.. electric fillet knife works wonders on those little boogers....
Last few years we had good luck in the little river that leads in to Arlington Lake, the river at Whiskey FLats that leads into Benbrook Lake, the river in Azle that leads into Eagle Mountain(too low this year)..... both Benbrook and Arlington use their own pump stations to push water up the river to flow back to the lake for the spawn...... LUV me some sand bass fishing on light action spinning rigs!!

That boy looks happier than a Fox ina Hen House!!!! Good job Brandon!!
Thanks guys, it is fun fishing with your kids.

Rick, those fish are for you and everyone else. They are going to be served up deep fried, heads, scales and all! Fish tail chips all around! Mark the date, 3/24.
I have been thinking about hitting the creek that leads into Arlington. Give me a shout. I have a few questions.
Brandon, had a good time yesterday. Watching Blake catch fish by himself and tell us which fish were keepers was a hoot!

I'll have some pics later today of the little guy reeling in some fish!
Looks like they would make good chum > :)

Yes they would, but I prefer pogies. Much oilier.
Pope... nuther good place is Kings creek on Cedar Creek.. water should be high enough for the fish to make it in there...I might brave the sticks and see if I can ram my boat thru the mud pretty soon.. I luv fishing them backwaters..
Is King's good for crappie too? I am switching gears this weekend.
oh yeah.... any of the northern area of Cedar Creek is usually LOADED with crappie this time of year... either in Kings Creek or the little areas north of the 175 bridges....(personally I would go into Kings creek to avoid the crowds)
Nice Catch. I have been thinking about getting out after a few sandies but have been too busy installing electronics and so forth. Looks like blake got his slaughter on and I too feel bad for whomever had to do the cleaning. Nice catch guys.

Finally downloaded the pics.

Here's a couple of Blake fighting a Sand Bass.


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