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Calstar 700H Black Widow

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While chasing the SBFT's up and down the coast of Massachusetts last year we recognized that we just weren't equipped to catch some of the bigger 100 lb + fish that were mixed in with the 60 - 80 lb fish we were targeting. So based on so local and not so local (read that as 360tuna forum members) I ginned up an order to Mudhole and I just received 4 of the Calstar Grafiter 700H blanks and I am impressed with the lifting power & tip flexibility. I am building 4 jigging rods, 2 which will be spinning and 2 which will be conventional. We are going to put Shimano Tyrnos 20's on the conventionals and Shimano Spheros 18000's on the spinners. I'm going to use the full 7' of the blank and will have a 9" aft grip and a 14" foregrips. The grip material will be hypalon. I'm using the heavy duty Fuji Graphite reel seat with Fuji SIC guides. I am calling the new line the Black Widow Series and am doing the rods in all black with some red trim. I've contracted to have Black Widow Spider Decals made which will just wrap around the blank just above the foregrip. It sould be fun building the rods and sticking it to the brusiers that we expect to see this summer.
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Aftco - full radiused - aluminum
if you use a spheros.. change out the felt drag washers! they will heat up and melt if you dont. SMOoOTH DRAG *** Can Stop Anything *** - Dawn will need the dimensions of the drag washers so she can match them up with some carbon fiber washers.

I would pony up the extra and get the Shimano Saragosa. they look like they are more comfortable. the handles on the spheros are too small for large tuna.
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