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California Crab Fishing Regulation Changes

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Read and Heed:

Enhanced Gear Marking: Proposed subsection 29.80(c)(3), Title 14, CCR, would require all
recreational crab traps be marked with a main buoy that is at least 5 inches in diameter and 11
inches in length and that a red marker buoy that is 3 inches in diameter and 5 inches in length
be attached no more than three feet from the main buoy. Current regulation requiring buoy
marking, and in the case of CPFV’s, trap marking, would be consolidated in this subsection.

Service Interval: Proposed subsection 29.80(c)(5), Title 14 ,CCR, would establish a maximum
service interval of 9 days, weather conditions at sea permitting, and would prohibit abandoned

Trap Limit: Proposed subsection 29.80(c)(6), Title 14, CCR, would establish an individual trap
limit of 10 traps. The current 60-trap limit for Commercial Passenger Fishing Vessels (CPFVs)
targeting Dungeness crab will be moved from subsection 29.85(a)(4) to this subsection and will
apply to CPFVs targeting any crab. The proposed regulation would allow an individual to
service up to 10 additional traps if they possess written permission from the operator(s) of the
additional traps whose gear are identified in accordance with subsection 29.80(c)(3).

Trap Validation Program: Proposed subsections 29.85(b) and 701(h), Title 14, CCR, would
establish a “Recreational Crab Trap Validation” program that would require those individuals
who fish for crabs with recreational crab traps to purchase an annual validation. A small fee of
$2.25 would be required for each validation.

I don't know if the trap validation fee is a blanket fee or per trap. Knowing our state it's per trap.
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