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    Well guys its time for a trip. The girlfriend suggested P/V and I jumped all over it (little does she know my motive). I'm from S/E Louisiana and have the luxury of tangling typical 60-100 pound green canyon tuna out of Venice and Cocodrie on a regular basis but want to step up to the big leagues. My question to you guys is wo I need to fish with and when are the big yellows there? I understand that Josh Temple is a big dog down that way but know little else. I've got plenty of jigging/popping gear but the fish doesn't necessarily need to be caught that way. I just want to dance with a big girl. Suggestions/Advice? Thanks.

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    I have said this a couple of times but I prefer Pangas when in mexico. The captains are more willing to cater to someone who wants to jig and pop.
    THey will still put out live bait but you can jig and pop during the drift.
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    Also Lora is good. Josh temple can put you in touch with him.


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    Check-out this site RP,


    There is a wealth of information here.
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    sept- dec. world record size fish down there early oct probably best. you will probably need a two speed for the cows... dragging live skipjack for bait. popping and jigging will work for the "schoolies". Plenty of big roosters and pargo as well.

    a lot of ahi boats but usually filled for the peak season... book asap

    where are you staying?
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    Puerto Vallarta like all of Mexico is suffering due to lack of tourist. November starts their busy season as tourists typically do not like the hot and humid summers. Fishing has been unusually slow this year but not sure if it is lack of fish or lack of fishermen. Probably a combo of the two. Cow fishing in PV is a long boat ride out to either Roca Corbetania or El Banco ( the latter being over 40 miles out). Have not heard of any big tuna caught there so far this season but the big tuna have not yet arrived in large numbers yet. Pangas are ok for the long ride out but you must make sure that they have the speed and the fuel to make the long run out. Most of the cow tuna fishing is done off of 30-35 ft cruisers but not all of them have the speed needed to go out 40+ miles and back. You need minimum 20kt speed and lots of fuel. Therefore, these cruisers typically charge $1000+ per trip. Pangas you can get for half of that. The Pacifico ( 33ft Blackfin ) is running a special for July for $800 so this indicates that the boats are hurting in this economy. Pm me if you need a referral for either a panga or a cruiser. Oh, btw, the Bay of Banderas in PV is one of the largest in N. America. It takes nearly 1 hour just to clear the bay if you are leaving from Marina Vallarta or Paradise Village. A bit less boat ride from either La Cruz or Pt Mita but since your GF will be with you, staying in Vallarta is probably your best bet as that is where all the action will be. But if you are more into sitting around the pool and eating at the hotel...then anywhere is okay to stay. I like to stay in downtown area ( older part of PV) as I like the restaurants better and do not like the newer tourist areas. I like to walk the Malecon in the evenings after dinner.