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Cabo saga continues!

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After getting the catheter out at noon yesterday I never urinated. Hit the emergency room at midnight until 4 this morning. Catheter is back, I have very severe urinary infection. Am now on hold trying to clear out the infection with new meds. I feel great but obviously am not. S--- happens, wish me luck, I'll try to keep you posted.
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Sorry to hear that, I hope you get better soon and good luck.
Etan, I hope they get you fixed up before your upcoming trip...
I hope it wasn't me that put the old "urinary jinx" on you. Is it more painful to put in than remove? Sorry for asking personal questions, but I think all us guys including myself are afraid of having something injected into our manly hood. Hopefully you had a female nurse. I wouldn't let a male nurse come near me. I think they are all a little light in the loafers.
It is about an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 as far as pain. This was tougher than the first time because the uretra was already inflammed. This time a nurse did it. Male or female it didn't matter who did it because I was hurting bad enough that I would do it if I knew how. Just lying around today hoping the meds start clearing it up.
I"m no doctor, but here's some advice. For God's sake, don't eat any asparagus. Ever noticed how bad your pee smells after eating that stuff. I bet if you ate a big batch of asparagus right now, you would be peeing a stream of liquid fire.

Good luck and I'm glad to hear that you had a female do the honors.
Sorry to hear of your illness, get better soon!

Just back from urologist. He gave us the go on our cruise next week. I'll stll have the catheter but he gave me a leg bag that will fit under my clothes. I feel like a gunslinger with it strapped on my leg. It maytake a month of meds to cure everything up but I feel a lot more secure after visiting with him. Life is good again!
Hey Nate

Heres a photo of you hooked up on Tres Tuna!

Get well soon!

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Hey, thanks for the picture. That makes me feel better already. I don't even remember that, what was the date? I guess I have been out there too many times. As soon as I get better I'm going out and refresh my tuna supply. Thanks again.
Hey Nate,

Is there a physician on the cruise?

Hopefully so...and...if there is...I would try to get all of the info from your current infection, (records from your local physician), to the ship physician so that he can figure out what to do if there needs to be adjustments or changes to your treatment. Just a friendly fyi.....


That was the TFF Tres Tuna Trip Jan 11 2005.. you got the first Yellow Fin trolling on the rotation with a deep diver at BoomVang. :D

DHS Gulf Eagle with Capt Keith.
Deck hands Tony and Jammie are in the shot with you.

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I remembered that it was a troll fish and first up. I couldn't remember when. I've known Jamie for about 10 years. When he first came to Port A he made his living catching and throwing live pidgeons for pigeon shoots. He is a world class thrower. Tony is a hoot and does a great job. He decked for a long time on the Pelican but went on a toot and john let him go. He and Lloyd were a great tandem on the deck. After john let him go he hooked up on the Gulf Eagle. STx fisherman I have everything ready to go for the cruise. The urologist even gave me some perscriptions in case I had any changes. Thanks for your concern, Nate
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