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Discussion in 'Reels' started by Brokejeep, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Brokejeep

    Brokejeep Senior Member

    Well after two trips for YFT I can say that I am disappointed with the Cabo 80 reels, on the first trip my wife had the anti reverse start going out after about six BFT, I sent it to Zebco and it was repaired and sent back. On the next trip we took this same repaired real and another new Cabo 80, well the old one had the anti-reverse go out again and the new one had the bale break off the first night, it was a chore trying to get the line on the little roller when a fish hits the jig on the drop. I had a Cabo 60 as a spare but stuck with the 80 because of larger line and capacity.
    Does anyone know which Stella compares in size to the Cabo 80? And does anyone think I need to go with something bigger?
    We will be fishing in the GOM for YFT, AJ and anything else that we can get to bite as long as it will fight hard.
  2. gman

    gman Senior Member

    Honestly Im surprised I beat mine to death a couple of years ago on big fish with no issues and several well know charter captains in Venice use them for popping tuna

  3. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    for some reason the 70/80 have had problems. i love my 60 and its been beat to death and back and still operates like new. the paint however looks real bad.
  4. awesum

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    Honestly Im surprised I beat mine to death a couple of years ago on big fish with no issues and several well know charter captains in Venice use them for popping tuna

    Same here. I have beat my 60 and 80 to death with no problems.

    However, if you can afford a Stella do it.
  5. snarfer35

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    I know the Stella can't be beat but for a similar price the Spheros is a great reel. I've caught many YFT up to 100#'s and an unknown # of BFT. Upgrade the drag with washers from smooth drag and go get em.
  6. snarfer35

    snarfer35 Junior member

    I meant a similar price as the Cabo, of course.
  7. SteelingHeads

    SteelingHeads Senior Member

    I have been very pleased with my Cabo 80. I have used it for Popping for Bluefin Tuna here in the Northeast, so it has gotten pounded. Still, I am going to upgrade to a Saltiga or Stella and keep the Cabo as a backup. As far as "comparable size to a Stella" the Cabo 80 falls between the Stella 10000SW and the Stella 18000SW.
  8. ToneyC

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    This happend to my first Cabo 80. The anti-reverse went out on the very first trip. I took it back to Bass Pro for an exchange. So far, I have not had any issues with the new reel.
  9. A.whitman

    A.whitman Senior Member

    im sure by now they have resolved the anti reverse issue. i bought my cabo 80 shortly after it came out. i love the drags on the cabo's. the drag on my saragosa leaves me feeling a little worried. those drag washers are about the size of a nickel.
  10. Brokejeep

    Brokejeep Senior Member

    The one that the anti-reverse went out on has a very smooth drag, the one that the bale fell off of has a very jerky drag.
    These were NEW reels that broke on the first use so I have no more confidense in Cabo 80s, Zebco seems to have great customer service and asked no questions when getting one repaired but the warranty is only for a year. I still don't know if they will repair the one with the missing bale for free, it fell off while fishing after only a couple of fish.
  11. Castmaster

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    I have a Cabo 80 and haven't experienced any major problems. I've only taken it out on one major trip last year. The only complaint I have is this subtle but annoying squeaking sound that emanates when the rotor is slowing down to a stop. This started after that trip. I've checked and lubed all the moving parts I've access to and it wouldn't go away. I also noticed that the Cabo's paint job is quite thin and will scrape off easily resulting in the reel body more vulnerable to corrosion. I don't think I'm buying another Cabo reel. What I've noticed though so far from all the different reels discussed here that are now made in China is pretty much the inconsistent quality. It's more like the luck of the draw. Some anglers will experience major problems with a particular reel while other anglers are happy with the same reel's performance and durability and swear by it. Case in point is my experience with the FIN NOR and Penn SSMs. I've used these reels and abused it and just keeps on ticking without a hitch, while other anglers curse it like a plague. The Penn 750 SSM I own accidentally fell overboard a couple of years ago brand spanking new out of the box. The butt end of my 2 piece rod went overboard with the reel. The reel was on a very light drag setting and I pretty much had to pull all the line out before I can recover it. I never opened the reel up, just rinsed it off. I've used it and abused it and up to now there is no corrosion, still as smooth as I bought it, and has since hooked up alot of fish.
  12. The Great PF

    The Great PF Senior Member

    I have had very good luck with Shimano spinning reels. My favorite is my Thunnus 16000 which is loaded with about 375 yds. of 60# braid. I've NEVER had a problem with it, and one of the main features that I enjoy is the Bait-Runner drag which allows you to fish with fresh or frozen bait. While in Bait-Runner mode, this allows the fish to take and run with the bait (chewing as he goes) until you disengage the Bait-Runner. This automatically sets the hook. Of couse you can also use the reel in standard mode just as you would any reel.

    As a lower cost alternative, Shimano also offers the Bait-Runner series of reels, and for tuna you'll need the 6500. You can load about 300 yds. of 50# braid on this reel. I own two of these, and I've never had any problems with them either. If all you're going after is black fin, the 4500 will work, but a yft will totally overmatch the 4500.

    If I was rich I would probably purchase a Stella SW, but since I'm not, my Thunnus will work just fine.
  13. jig

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    If you are looking for a more economical spinner, try the Spheros 14000. You can get the old FA model on ebay for around $100 brand new. Then upgrade the drags for under $10. I have never had a problem with mine, and I have yet to see anyone post anything negative on any of the boards (other than they are not as smooth as a Stella). Many charters in LA use them too. I think it is about the best reel for the price, and I also use an accurate and avet 2spds.

    BTW, just saw your post on the ScatCat trip; didn't realize you had it so bad. You handled it damn well. We will have better weather on the TFF trip. At least no way in hell it will be that bad.
  14. lite-liner

    lite-liner troll enforcement Staff Member

    "We will have better weather on the TFF trip. At least no way in hell it will be that bad."

    Careful, Jig.......
    On TFF Tuna 5, 11/10-06 we were fighting steady 10's w/ occasional bigger [email protected] Redhawk on the Big E.
    You never know, But I guess our chances are prob. 100% better.
  15. Brokejeep

    Brokejeep Senior Member

    Like I said I feel bad for not meeting more people and talking. I thought I was the only one sick on the trip, my wife said " You were so busy throwing up that you just didn't see anyone else" I was throwing up from about noon on Friday till about noon on Sunday! I actually came home weighing more than when I left, my fingers were so swollen that I couldn't get my wedding ring past my first knuckle when I tried to put it back on, I'm glad I took it off! I had three 32oz bottles of diet Dr Pepper when we got off the boat and still didn't pee until the next afternoon.

    I hate to buy a Stella, If you can believe that... LOL
    I will take a look at the Spheros and Thunnus.
  16. blueskies

    blueskies Member

    We broke down and bought Stellas, I can not wait to use them.
  17. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    We broke down and bought Stellas, I can not wait to use them.

    That is a good decision, you won't be looking back once you've used them!