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Butterfly Cocoon Wrap

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I just found a product that really makes sense. I've found that the big problem with butterfly jigs is the way they dangle all over the place. I'm talking about when you run from one location to another with the assist hook attached to the reel or ring hook. Those things can really mess up rods and reels bouncing all over the place. I've been lowering them to the deck and pushing them under gunnel while running between stops. I really don't like hooks on the deck but if your just running for a short time it works for me. The cocoon wrap below should solve the problem. I just ordered a bunch.

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No Offence...but

$20 for a peice of rubber and velcro.....$$$$ classic Shimano

I have and old wet suit I might take a pair of sicorrs (sp.) to. Stich a peice of velcro to it and Walla..... I might even take a black magic marker to it and write "Shimano Butterfly" just to see if the avg. guy can spot the imposter....LOL
Actually there are 5 to the pack. 4 bucks a piece. That ok with me. The damage those jigs will do to your equipment is incredible.
I guess it would of helped if I would of read the whole add.

I'm so use to giving Shimano my 1st born for the latest and greatest......I saw $20 and I figured it was for one,
I picked up some at FTU the other day well worth the money. Like Gunsmoke said it will save your equipment some of these jigging rods run 150-400 $$$.

I remember Rocky at Roy's describing these to me, but I haven't ever seen them there. Picture looks like something I can make from all those promotional coozies I've been saving for the last couple of years.

Thanks for the pics.

I wonder why couldnt you just buy a velcro rod wrap and slice it into about 3 pieces and use that?
basspro has similar items- use them for carolina rigs on bass rods.
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