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Buddy Boat in Venice!!!

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Posting this up for a bud on mine...

We are heading to Venice July 29th - Aug. 3rd with my boat in tow and were looking to see if anybody else is going to be down there at that same time to Buddy Boat with. I have an excellent crew, but this is only the 3rd time down there, and the first taking my boat. (Other two times we chartered).
Just trying to be on the safe side, so if you are going down there anytime during the above dates, or you want to go down there at that time, I would love to hook-up with you.
I know there is a group getting together later in August, but I go back to work (I am a Teacher/Coach), so that is not an option for me.
PM me if you think we can make this work!!!

(361) 742-6925
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please, we may need more ice chests for fish storage!
please, we may need more ice chests for fish storage!

Take plenty of ice chests!! Best of luck.
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