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break away weights??

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i have a simple question about the different type of breakaway weights used. i know most dont like to share there type or design of rigging, but for the weights, how do you make it break away, and not have it come off before you want it too. or could you use a down rigger type device for the ones that are close in to the boat. is there something you can buy to do make this simple, i might be just thinking to hard to come up with something simple. thanks, MIKE
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Hey Mike!

Welcome to the site!

You can use rubber bands to secure weights and the band will break from a hard hook set or a fast run of a fish.

If this is not what you're talking about LOL!, then I found this site:


Gotta go call TJ now!
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Welcome to 360 tuna Mike.

Some people use phone wire. A single wire that is wrapped several times around a swivel will turn loose pretty easy. (I am talking about the copper wire that is used in many areas underground.)
Make sure you use your own wieghts..lol.. I used rubberbands last year.
Copper rigging wire is perfect. It is softer than phone wire. The weight will come off at the first good headshake. Learned this from a tarpon guide in the Keys
Good luck
I use number 64 rubber bands to hold the weight on. The best part is I rarely ever lose a weight which is nice when they cost 3 dollars a piece. If the fish does run hard then the weight will pop off as designed.
How are you fastening the rubberband and weight to the line?
running the weight over the line and through the rubber band and then doing an overhand knot.
I like to use the #64 rubber bands as well. I will put up a rigging post as well...
check out the article in this month's Sportsfishing. It has detailed info on rigging for swords.

I've used a paper clip for several years. Bend the outer ring of the paper clip away from body of the clip, run it .through the eye of the swivle.
Hang the weight off the paper clip. When the fish makes its run the weight falls off.
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