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    Is this the same with the PE lines sold overseas?

    If I understand it correctly, the entire premise of the PE rating system is standardized line diameters. Hence, a PE 5 line "should" be 0.37mm and not 0.47mm, which would make it PE 8.
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    No. It's not the same overseas. The idea of PE measurement is exactly as you said above, the diameter rather than the strength is what carries the day.

    There's three ways to measure line. Diameter (PE system), breaking strength (IGFA system) and pound test (most of the western world).

    The PE system measures diameter, so it's a consistent amount of line you will get on your reel.

    The breaking strength method is set so 12lb test will break at 12lbs of pulling force, regardless of diameter. It does little to tell you how much line you have on your reel.

    The pound test rating really only applies to different pound test lines from the same manufacturer. Essentially, 14lb Fireline SHOULD be thinner than 20lb Fireline, and so on. There is no exact continuity between manufacturers that use this method.

    I've boiled my lines down to three types: Jbraid 8 strand, Fireline Crystal and YoZuri super braid, with the latter in 30lb (which is actually a 4 strand line) becoming a go-to.
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    Now we’re talking! Just wouldn’t make sense for all those who are accustomed to buying PE line (ie. Japanese fisherman) to tolerate large deviations in the actual diameters of their PE lines. It further stands to reason they would quickly realize which lines are over or under because their reels would be more or less full. Thank you for confirming this!