Braid, Diameters, tested Bs and Buy guide

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    Braids, measured Diameters, tested Breaking strains, and a Comparison Buy / guide.

    Hi Guys

    Listed are braids by Brand Names that have been tested for the No of strands, diameter and breaking strains.
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    The buyguide is where all the braided lines are listed in breaking strain order.
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    Use this listing to compare the lines breaking strain to it's diameter.
    Always cross check the pages as it will give you a better lock-up as to where the line lays in the manufacturers line-up of lines.

    Plastic lines and mono's tested diameters and breaking strains are also listed.
    Paulus Just Fishing

    Pages are updated almost daily. If it's not listed,,,, it's not tested, so please look first.

    Should you require a line tested send in 4 meters.
    Line Test
    C/o PCWI P/L
    13 Alhambra Ave
    Cardiff NSW

    Mods,,, can you put this up as a sticky, it will save me an awfull lot of time that can be put into testing time.
    Thank you.
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    May I suggest separating Fireline(fused dyneema) from Fireline Braid or Tracer Braid(true multi strand braid). Another word, don't lump Fireline Braid with original Fireline that is fused.

    Thanks for organizing it by diameter. It seems as a trend ABS is a function of diameter for the most part although there are exceptions.

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    Trying to keep it simple.

    Explaining fibre.

    Fibre is the term used for the individual parts in the strand bundle, the fibre varies in size and strength, the amount of fibre and size is adjusted as required for the bundle, that is then called a strand, the strands size is generally put forward as X amount of denier per strand.

    Fibre strength to diameter varies as to the grade of the fibre, many grades are available, the strands strength is expressed as grams per denier.

    Explaining strand twist.

    Twisting of the strand is required to hold the fibre in the strand together, that allows it to be worked, the more twist you have on the strand the less strength you have once its woven into a braided line. Twist also makes the line a little bigger in diameter as it can be varied.

    Braids how they are made and their lay-out

    3 strand lines are ribbon like flat to oval, generally made on a 4 bobbin machine.

    4 strand lines are not square, but a parallelograms, that shape changes direction every 90/ 180deg. Mostly made on 4 bobbin machines, but can be made on 8 bobbin machines, this would extend the pitch, pics per inch, would be more open and a little stronger.

    6 strand lines are not true hexagons, as they are made on a 8 bobbin machines with 2 bobbins removed, so you have twists in the strands both sides where the bobbins are removed, this makes them lumpy but not as bad as a 4 strand line. The only way to get a smooth 6 strand line is to make it on a 12 bobbin machine. Not many if any would allocate a 12 bobbin machine to make a 6 strand line.

    8 strand lines are true octagons and are very smooth lines. Made on 8 bobbin machines.

    12 strand lines are round hollow tubes, generally they can lay flat, very tightly woven 12 strand lines are rounder and sold as solids.

    16 strand lines are oval hollow tubes, generally they lay flat and are much bigger in size.

    Braids how they are made.

    Pics (weaves) per inch or centimeter, this is controlled by the individual bobbins tension.

    A braided lines diameter can be reduced and the strength can be increased by the use of heat and tension, settling in and the evening out differing length / tensioned strands. This makes the line slightly stiffer it also reduces the stretch in the braid. The fibre has a 3% stretch factor, after it is woven (depending on the pics per) that can change to 7%, heat treating the braided line reduces that by 1.7%, so the stretch on a heat treated line is less at 5.3%.
    A known brands braids breaking strain will never be a constant as fiber and machines vary.

    Paulus Just fishing
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    Hi Guys

    I get these sent to me on a regular basis. Paulus

    Hi Paulus,

    Is a legitimate test for me to cut of a piece of braid about 1 metre – loop at both ends and stretch against a fixed pole and a scale on the other end?

    The braid I have bought from China is PE Fiver Hunter Hyper PE

    I got 2 types 300M 60lb 0.28mm which with my test breaks at 15lb on the scales.
    I also got 300M of 40lb 0.23mm which with my test breaks at about 7lb on the scales.

    I have asked for my money back, or for them to send me Dyneema braid as they advertised on eBay.

    Your thoughts please.

    Is my test of braid using scales and that length of braid valid?


    Your test is not valid in any of its form.
    As a estimate actual breaking strains will be about double your figures.


    Your Test Results.

    The 60 lb 0.28 mm which you said breaks at 15lb on your scales, this I tested at 24.81lb with a diam of 0.332mm.
    The 40 lb 0.23mm which you said breaks at about 7lb on your scales, this I tested at 23.58lb with a diam of 0.296mm.

    Note; that these lines are very similar, yet the sender got 100% varieation in his result.

    Now you can see why I say that you cannot "do it yourself" test braid, not in the backyard or in an angling shop as a lot are.

    These tests have also shown why it is a good practice to stay away from Chinese braid.

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    Hi Guys

    I am updating the site (every thing gets muddled with constant changes over time), files will be smaller and less of them, I am in trouble constantly with the provider with the volume of traffic, so size needs to be reduced, I may need to upgrade to a higher level.
    It will be phone friendly (I hope).
    The cost of these changes and upkeep, well lets say I have had to dig deep, and will be looking for some sponsors to cover the cost.

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    As anyone had any experiennce with the Seaguar Threadlock hollow line? They advertise it as 16strands
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    Basil likes it andsells it.
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    Dear Paulus
    Do you have any test results for the Seaguar threadlock 50lb?
    Can anybody who have a few extra feet send it for testing?
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    Hi Paulus,

    I visit your website regularly but I find the latest tests date back to 2013. I am looking to buy some 50# Sufix 832 and 65# JB Line One Non-Hollow for my offshore reels (30 two-speeds.) Do you think the test results on your website still hold more or less true?

    Please advise...

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    Do you have any test results for the Seaguar threadlock 50lb?

    Seaguar Threadlock 50lb hollow ABS is 90.2lb; tested in 2016. JB 65lb solid tested at 84.4lb.

    16-strand hollow is the clear choice.
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    Do you have the ABS on 100# TL?
  12. Basil

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    Do you have the ABS on 100# TL?

    139.6lb, tested 2/2015
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    if you want a 100# line that's thinner than jerry brown and breaks at 200+# go for berkley.
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    Does any one have the breaking strength and ave diameter of the 15# Sufix 832 and 15# Power Pro (both in moss green if it matters)
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    Just a FYI on the #50 Seaguar Threadlock Braid. Right now the 600 yard spools #50 TLHC yellow and green is on sale for $40.50 instead of the normal $139.99. The 2500 yard spools of yellow and green are selling for $145.20 instead for the normal $549.99. This is a great deal!
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    All they have left in the 2500yard specials is green. Does anybody know, is it the dark green like PowerPro? If so I can't use it. I can't see that crap in the dark. I like white or blue but I would've settled for hivis yellow
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    Yeah no 50lb yellow left at all now :(
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    all gone...
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    Yellow and green Threadlock are discontinued by Seaguar, those were close-out specials.
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