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Bought the wife an Avet SX

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So I'm lookin through ebay when my wife happens to stroll by and spots a pink Avet SX. Instantly she lights up because the reel is pink. So I bid a low ball number figuring that someone would grab it for at least another $10 more. Nope. Ended up winning the reel.

Now I gotta find a rod to match it. Guess I gotta get her a custom rod. She'll use it for an occassional striper trip on Lake Texoma (Oklahoma) and fishing for catfish in the local lakes. I was thinking about a custom rod based on a Calstar 196-7c. Anyone know any good rod builders?
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Kevin/Txseadog is awesome here in DFW.
I have an SX on a Calstar WC-270 & love it for
Blackfin, redfish, striper, etc.
tight lines
your going to love me for this. Here is the ultimate girls rod store. they have really nice stuff
OceanGirl Custom Fishing Products
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