Bought Daiwa Saltist STT30TH Jigging Conventional

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  1. Ammar

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    I have bout this Dawia (Saltist STT30TH) reel new for jigging for balckfin tunas and hopefully a yellow fin comes into it or Big Eye tuna . I just wants to know whats the perfect size and of the braided line to be used as the manufacture suggests maximum of a 50ibs which is not too much if a yf strike!

    Also my other problem is the rod, I don't know if this size of rod (SALTIST conventional JIGGING RODSSTJ59XXHF )would be good.
    May thought was to buy it as its hold lone 80-150 and put a 80Ibs line on that rod along with that reel mentioned above. Again I worry not following the mancufuactre won't gives proper jogging function. Please advise me
  2. a1flyfishr

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    First of all! You purchased the Reel for blackfin which would be great! I feel that rod is to heavy for both the Reel and for blackfin. You don’t use the heaviest set up hoping that big one hits (150+\-) while your main target is 20 to 30# class. Enjoy your targeted species with the appropriate size tackle, and if you’re lucky to hookup onto that big one, use your tackle to your best ability to land it. I’m not sure how much 80# line you would get on a 30 size Reel, but I’m sure no where close to what you would need. So IMO I would set up for what you’re targeting and have fun.
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  3. north coast

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    If so, I have one. It’s a small reel.
    I would not put anything over 50 on it and I would not target “ the big one” with it.
    If you suspect bigeye or even respectable yellowfin,this is not the reel.
    If this isn’t a troll,I’d suggest acquiring a reel better suited to your quarry and where you’ll be fishing.
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  4. Ammar

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    Hey guys. But which rod is matching this reel then. I just don’t know. Please suggest something.
    I do have bigger reels for heavier fish. I want this one only for smaller fish like black fin tunas. I put 50 puns braid on it. I agree with that rod it’s heavy.
  5. north coast

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    It’s hard to suggest a rod for you, there must be 100 that would be great with that reel. What’s your budget?

    But here goes :)

    Black hole magic eye
    The blue 5’8” or the white 6’3,
    ( I own both,some of my favorites)
    Black hole challenger bank.

    Jigging master wiki ocean fire,
    Jigging master ocean devil ( I have this rod too and love it. It’s yellow.

    Tackle world ( jigging world)
    Silver bullet
    Ghost hunter

    Shimano game J
    ( there were 3 Or 4 weights but they discontinued the lighter one)
    I’d go with the middle or heaviest one,

    Daiwa proteus
    ( the newer 6’3” model)
    Very similar to the magic eye rods.
    I think there are 4-5 weight/ models
    Again I’d probably go middle of the road to the heavier end.

    These are just a few off the top of my head that I own or have played with. There are many, many more.

    Look up the specs on any of these I’ve listed to help you make a better informed choice. I’d use any of these for the reel and the fishing you describe. you can’t really go wrong with any of them.
    Hope this helps more than confuses, Good luck with your decision.
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  6. yessokk

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    Have the same Saltist 30TH and have it filled with 40lb J Braid with the 10 meter color changes. Personally would not go over 40 lb as the reel will only produce about 15 lbs of drag.
    So there would be no benefit to using anything heavier. And never use any leader heavier then
    40 lb. for the same reason.

    If targets over 100 lbs are a definite possibility you just need to gear up with the proper gear for the anticipated task.

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  7. tugasangler

    tugasangler Fishing Guru

    Install carbon text drags and the saltiga bearing upgrade kit and smoootb drag spool bearings and you have essentially a saltiga with composite frame instead of air craft aluminum ... it may help you out in the event you do hook a yellowfin and have to make it work .
  8. LouT

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    Why go more than 50 pound test, if the reels drag wont back it up
  9. LouT

    LouT Junior member

    As far as the rod goes size it to the fish your after, and have fun