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Just curious. As a newbie, you can imagine that I am shell-shocked reading about 3 pound weights! What is your rig for deep drops on these monsters? I assume you use 130 pound braid. What rod and reel do you use?

Also, if old Uncle Russ got really really lucky and a 400 pound grouper came along, would, in your opinion, an ATD 50W with 500 yards of 130 on a Calstar 760H be sufficient to handle him?

Also, my lighter reel for bottom fishing will be my jigging reel, the Boss 665HXC with 300 yards of 100, or maybe more of 80, when I change it out. It is currently on a 50 lb. test Ugly Stick, and I am planning to put it on a Calstar 700H, but I could put it on my Cabelas 130 pound stand up rod to get the benefit of roller guides. I know that would be vast overkill for snapper, but how big a grouper or Amberjack do you think that rig would handle, and how deep would it be sufficient to go?

I really don't know how much line a big AJ or grouper would take, never having caught one over about 25 pounds. Thanks for the information and the good info on bottom rigs.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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