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I have been waiting a bit to hear some more reports on this reel (after some of the initial first run negative comments). But amazingly I have not seen anything else on this reel here or on any other boards.

Anybody have any comments now that they have been out a few months? Did the guys with initial problems get them worked out to their satisfaction?

It is funny as I posted about 665 vs 665W on the other site this morning. :)

665 vs 665W two speed

I have been using 665 two-speed for jigging tuna this year.
I haven't caught any tuna with the reel yet, but I feel the reel is more than I expected for. My original concerns for small lever drag reels was the stiffness of moveing drag lever, losing freespool and thightness of turning handle when using heavy drag over 20 - 25 lbs at strike. I can move the lever drag pretty smoothly upto 25 lbs at strike which is more than I can ask for. If I want, I can get over 30 lbs drag at strike.

The amazing thing is free spool and smoothness of turning handle are barely affected no matter how much I increase the drag.

The round knob looks good, but I found it is not convenient when I fought a decent fish on the Gulf Coast trip. I replaced the round knob with T-bar handle as shown in the picture.

Freespool is excellent, better than most small jigging reels including star drag reels. Avet reels are known for excellent free spools, but I am surprised to see 665 has better free spool than Hoo-X.

Some guys say why we need two speed reels for jigging tuna. Yes, I have caught all my tuna on jigs upto 250 lbs using single speed reel and I had no problem with it. But once you taste the joy of using low speed whiling fighting a big fish over 100 lbs, you wouldn't go back to single speed reel.

I was asked whether to buy 665 or 665 Wide and my answer is 665.
You can get about 400 yard of 80 lbs braided line and some room for short topshot on 665 and that is more than enough for jigging tuna under 200 lbs. Besides, the narrower spool is much convenient for jigging.

Saltiga50/Accurate 665 two speed

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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