Boomvang 12/6-12/7

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    I headed down to Freeport on Saturday to meet up with Anthony (mad marlin) and Mitch to head out to Tequila for some grouper and possible tuna at night. When we got to the dock we realized that 5 people might be a bit crowded. Adam (tunahunter) and his brother were very generous and offered to let me come with them on their 27’ world cat. So I went with them. It’s a really nice boat

    We headed out to some rocks near Tequila at first to try for grouper. Fred caught a keeper AJ, and I had a red snapper on every drop. I was using a 12-oz hammered diamond jig. Snapper love diamond jigs. Once I hit the bottom is normally took about 15 seconds before I had a fish! The snapper regs are so ridiculous.

    Note - the backwards hat was bc we were running quick and I didnt want to lose it. forgot to turn it around, hah.

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    Anyway, we then moved to Tequila to give that a shot and met up with the other boat. I lost an amberjack to the rig, it kept hitting my jig as I was squidding up it until finally it was hooked but wrapped me around a pipe.

    This next pic is for Kil – I brought along a 12oz Solvkroken I had sitting around, and dropped it down about 400’, hoping that a grouper might be off the bottom a bit (we were in about 600’). After about 30 seconds I hooked up, but it didn’t feel like a grouper. Sure enough – false albacore. I guess they like these jigs as well, haha.

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    We then picked up and ran another 40 miles or so to Boomvang. As the sun started to set we had a ton of nice mahi around the boat. They were being very picky though – Fred was the only one to land one. They were not wanting to hit my lure apparently

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    Once the sun set the tuna picked up a little, and I was able to get one est at about 65ish lbs. It was caught on:

    OTI 7’6” 80lb rod
    Stella 8000FA
    Varivas 10x10 PE6
    Blackwater 60lb Fluorocarbon leader
    Tackle House BK Sinking Works (tuna pattern)

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    One cool thing was that this tuna was previously tagged. I have the tag in my truck and will call it in today/tonight but it was tagged out of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. That the first tagged fish I’ve caught, pretty neat.

    The topwater bite slowed down a bit. Adam picked up the biggest tuna of the night (est 90lbs) on a chunk of blackfin shortly thereafter. I had a nice mahi hooked on topwater, but it spit the hook on the first jump.

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    Pretty slow topwater bite the rest of the night, just a few blackfin and this gross barracuda that was caught on a Shimano Ocea pencil. After I caught this, I put the popping setup away, since I didn’t want to lose this lure to a ‘cuda.

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    I fell asleep after sitting down for a second near daybreak. I didn’t mean to fall asleep, but was very tired from being up casting all night. I woke up to see Adam fighting a tuna on my Ocea/Jigging Master rod and a 10oz hammered diamond jig. It was a nice 75-80lbs yellowfin. The bite was picking up so I grabbed the rod and dropped down…hooking up instantly to another yellowfin. Unfortunately I didn’t check the line after Adam’s fish and the line broke due after fighting for a little. I did manage 2 other baby yellowfin on hammered diamond jigs. I didn’t realize one was a yellowfin until we got back – I just thought it was a big blackfin.

    Fred managed 2 yellowfin, one on a frenzy popper being slow trolled behind the boat and another on a jig I believe.

    Had more mahi around the boat in the early morning, but they were picky and didn’t want to bite. They were nice fish though, I didn’t see any under 15lbs.

    Headed back in in some sporty conditions. I was quite soaked/sore when I got off the boat haha. It was a bit windier and rougher than the forecasts called for.

    At around 4 AM two lines got tangled when slow trolling lures back towards the rig and my leader and 10m of braid got wrapped in a prop. Thankfully we got it out, but it was kind of nerve-wracking at first!

    Overall it was a very fun trip and I’m so grateful to Adam and Fred that they let me on their boat. It was very fun meeting and fishing with them. That boat is very nice and rides well. I hope to see them again

    I think we saw the Scat cat in the morning, coming back from either Nancen or Gunnison. It was far off though.

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    Great pix and thanks for sharing.

  3. Bret

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    good report Bret.. Glad to hear you made the best of the short weather window.. keep us updated on the tag info...
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    Little 1" chunks of false albacore freelined way, way back are like candy for picky mahi.

    Great report and picks Bret.
  5. BretABaker

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    Little 1" chunks of false albacore freelined way, way back are like candy for picky mahi.

    Great report and picks Bret.

    Adam and Fred tried - no luck. i threw crippled herring, metal sardines and the Tackle house works.
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    :D Good report Bret.
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    ill take petter pics of the lures later tonight. their paint held up well.

    i also used Spro ball bearing swivels attached to split rings. i liked this better than solid/split ring
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    Nice report Bret. :)
  10. BretABaker

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    Total count was 7 Yellowfin I believe.
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    Good stuff Bret, looks like loads of fun:)
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    im glad y'all caught some yellows. great report.
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    good deal bret
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    by the way - this trip proves yet again why you need quality foul weather gear. i have an extra pair of lightweight bibs, but left my jacket and heavy bibs up north. i wish i got an extra jacket too. but it was too late to order anything so i picked up a POS at academy. fine for light use but it was not totally waterproof and i paid the price coming in. very wet ride since the spray was coming off starboard. it was also chilly at night and they kept me dry so i wasnt cold.

    the pictures dont show it well since i sprayed myself off, but i was covered in blood at various points on the trip.
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    Yep, nice report and sounds like a real good trip.

    Yall done good!

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    I agree with you a 100% surely its was a very wet ride , im buying my grunders this week , cheapo rain jacket & pants from wallmart did not kept me dry
    yeah get lightweight for down here. i need to get the clipper jacket to match the light bibs i have here. the herkules/briggs are way too heavy/hot for the gulf. im going to leave them in PA for when i fish in the northeast.
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    Nice report--good to see folks getting out.
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    thanks for the report and photo's. glad to see that a few hit this small weather window.....rick
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    You guys looked like ya'll had some good fun this past weekend, can't wait till I get my gear dirty again! :D
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    Looked like fun. I need to go fishing.