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    The inshore tarpons have been going off in the keys and up north. Bones are slow going on the inside flats of Biscayne Bay. I took my friend out early this morning looking for the grey ghost on my new Dolphin super skiff the "White Ghost". The weather was not ideal and calls for "small craft advisory" so we won't be going out to the outside flats. The first flat we came to, my buddy had a shot a nice fat one tailing perfectly in front of us. He laid the shrimp right by him but the fish spooked. After about 30 mins, and not see anymore fish we pick up and head to another flat. Pole...Pole...Pole... then we saw two fat one cruzing toward us. My buddy cast right in front of them and I stake the boat to stay perfectly still. They were so close you can almost reach out and touch them but still they didn't realize they were being watched. Then my buddy said "I'm on" and a second later, the first fish realize they had company and ran. The second fish was chewing on my buddy's shrimp and didn't realize he was hooked. He saw his buddy ran but it was too late, he was already hooked. The fish took all the line on my buddy's Stradic 3000 and it was getting to the backing of his reel on the first run. We chase it down and she weighted 9 1/4 lbs. I later had a shot at school of 5 to 6 fish, but no taker. We call it a day and head in.

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    Nice Bone, Bullred... Thanks for sharing the pix!

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    Arn, good to see you post. Come go on the Big E 76 hour trip next month
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    Nice fish!!! Not a bad way to spend a day when it's too rough to go to the outside flats.
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    Arn, good to see you post. Come go on the Big E 76 hour trip next month

    Man, I wish I can, but had other plans during that time. There are a bunch of guys on the ship I would love to share the rall with. Wish you guys luck and big fish. I will be back in September for a tuna trip I can't wait. Make sure guys get lot of pictures for the report.