Bluefin Vs Slow Pitch

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    After some back and forth with my custom slow pitch rod, I sent it back due to some quality issues.

    I happened to acquire another one locally that was a 300-600g rod. I threw my seigler sgn on this rod and threw it on the boat in case there was some bottom fishing, maybe a Mahi or schoolie tuna just to yuck around with.

    We started the day catching a lot of schoolies. We migrated to another area and hooked up on a decent fish(maybe 120-130?....not even that big probably).

    Action stopped so we moved back to "schoolie" territory and still nothing.

    Perfect time to try out my never before fished with slow pitch rod and rather small reel with 30lb sufix 832 and 59lb sufix fluro.....right?

    Almost an instant hook up on a 250g jig Benny (a1flyfisher) sent to me graciously . Nothing else would bite.....

    Then I hooked into what felt like the bottom. Turned into an hour long battle.....we laughed, we cried.....but we landed a decently large bluefin. Waiting on pictures of it in the boat from the Captain, but boatside pic and a fight pic are attached.

    Just so we are clear there was NEVER any intention of fighting a fish this big with a 30lb slow pitch setup and I'm paying the price today.

    Edit: pic uploaded. Just a couple of the fish we got that day. We broke off one that was a decent amount larger....lots of pics to sort through.

    I'm not sure if this validates slow pitch technique or the fish were just hungry but it produced when nothing else would and was a helluva a fight. Probably never gonna do it again

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    Hahaha! Those jigs are now for sale $100 each. Lol. Sorry to hear about your rod. Congratulations on getting the bluefin in with a broken SPJ rod. I’m curious Pm me which rod and jig.


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    Yeah it sucks but I'll take some responsibility there. The rod performed admirably and as you can see I started making mistakes towards the end out of exhaustion.
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