Bluefin Tuna - 260kg from NZ

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Ragman, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. Ragman

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    Just saw this pig on another board! It says the guy caught it on 80# stand up!

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  2. mozambik

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    wish I catch one 1/3 the size of that one on my penn 16 one day :$

  3. sun devil 2

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    wonder what he ate vw maybe?
  4. Wow,

    I can only imagine...

    I was talking to Willie at TOO and expressed interest in a Blue Fin trip in the next two years or so.
  5. going_east

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    Holy $&#$%, man that tuna could eat a child
  6. bpitcher

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    Dang, thats a hog.

  7. Bazztex

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    Great Googley Moogley

    You know it's a Big Tuna when it wont all fit in the picture!! :eek:

    Bazz :D
  8. feeder

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    * gratuitous Homer Simpson drooling noise* - Must get to NZ. Must go now.
  9. ChrisW

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    August/Sept is the time to hit these big boys off the west coast of NZ. there are 3 types - Southern BFT, Pacific BFT & Northern BFT which are the largest. Heaviest caught this season was around 305kg. Tackle used is either 80lb or 130lb and techniques involve trolling or chunking. Most 24hr days they are fighting tuna for 22 hrs! Fight time varies from 1/2hr to 22hrs (lost due to busted swivel!!). The poor guy fought his tuna for 22 hrs and had to hand the rod on, 1/2hr later they had the leader almost within grasp when the swivel busted - how rare is that? Guesses as to how big the tuna was from 400 - 500kg but as they say "if you dont weight it, dont say it"

    There was something on TV couple months ago with free divers spearing tuna up to 300kg & blitzing the world record. The tuna are attracted by Trawlers when they lift the nets, BFT can be seen porpoising near the stern, swooping in & taking the spill from the nets. These divers would jump into the water very close to the net opening while the trawler is still moving. The mad buggers risk entanglement with ropes, net and meeting up with the many Makos and probably Whitey all after a free feed. They pick out nearest tuna & spear it in the kill spot, a second spear to finish and the prize is swum backto the boat.

    Kil, Mogi San is booked for a 5 day trip next August, wonder if he intends jigging or free diving?
  10. Pescador

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    Wow that IS some fish, imagine taking that home to the wife!

    A couple of years or so ago I heard of a Bluefin being taken in a tuna trap at Barbate, Spain that went 1000kgs gutted!!!
    I'll ask Nicola if he has any info when he's back from Madagascer.

    Never be suprized about the antics of them kiwis they're all either bonkers or dead, just look what they've done to the gentle (english) public school game of rugby......given it such shake-up everyone else is playing a different game.
    When I was last there I saw a maori nightclub doorman that filled the entire (double) doorway - everythings big there, but that tuna....whew.