"Blind Faith" leaves Port A

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    "Blind Faith" a new semi-submersible platform just left the Corpus Christi channel on Saturday February 23rd. The base part was made in Norway and then brought to Ingelside, Texas for the top part to be fitted. The total project cost was 900 million dollars.:eek: No wonder I'm now paying 3.50 a gallon for diesel.:mad: Maybe some of us will catch a marlin or tuna off this new platform.

    The Blind Faith platform will be located in Mississippi Canyon block 650, approximately 162 miles southeast of New Orleans, which is part of the ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico in 6,500 feet water depth.

    The Blind Faith platform was the first use of Aker Kvaerner's deep draft semisubmersible (DDS) concept, which was conceived specifically for the application of steel catenary risers in the ultra-deepwater and current-heavy Gulf of Mexico environment.

    Here's a picture of it leaving the channel. Picture was taken from the Port Aransas Roberts Point park by a staff photographer of the local South Jetty newspaper. It's a great little newspaper. I've been getting it for years.

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    damn, they can't put that thing closer to freeport or port a

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    That's where those 72 hour Big E trips need to go!

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    isn't that like fifteen minutes once you exit the pass in venice(lol) bluewater is almost at the damn mouth.
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    I have been watching this rig being put together for a little while now on my bay fishing trips. I was impressed everytime we drove by it at how much had been accomplished.
    Now its just wow!