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  1. lucas_shane

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    hey i was wondering if anyone has heard of these reels. any feed back would be great. the below info is what i have copied from their page!!

    BLEM OMOTO ULISES 200Z-II 2-Speeds (H/L 6.2:1/3.1:1) Saltwater Lever Drag Reel.
    This is a 2009 production by OMOTO, and it is one of the finest products made.

    ULISES 200Z-II H/L 6.2:1/3.1:1 with Loud Clicker

    Lever drag control system with pre-set drag feature.

    Topless design

    Double dogs A/R system

    15 lb of drag on strike with free spool.
    20 lb of drag on full with free spool.
    100% machined, TYPE 2 anodized.
    5 Nano-treated stainless steel shield ball bearings with one way clutch.
    CNC billet-machined T6062 aluminum main frame
    Cold Forged sideplates
    CNC billet-machined T6062 aluminum spool
    Machine-cut stainless steel gears
    Forged Stainless steel foot
    Forged aluminum drag lever with preset
    Rod Clamp and Wrench included
    Extreme free spool
    Greased Carbon/Stainless drag system
    Heavy duty stainless steel components.
    All corrosion resistant materials.
    Very strong design with large line capacity in its class.
    Rod mount clamp included.
    In Sliver color.
  2. Jason4606

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    Only 15lbs of drag at strike and weighs 35.9oz?? :eek: And their smaller VS-10 looks to be a direct copy of the Avet LX for just a few less $$. I'd keep looking personally...

  3. lordhell

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    I've seen this OMOTO model branded by Pelagic and sold on ebay for cheap. It's probably junk dude, go get yourself a real Avet, or better yet, save your money and get an Accurate, Shimano, or Daiwa.
  4. lucas_shane

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    thanks guys !! any suggestion for a cheap set up to use only this month??? i have been looking at the avets and i am wanting a two speed.. BAD lol
    i plan on selling 99% of my freshwater stuff and replaceing with one for sure and maybe two good two speed with lever drag setups. but i cant drop 5 or 600 right now :(
    next year i am starting to fish the 52 to 80 hr trips out of port A and hopefully some trips out of venice.
    any suggestions on a cheap rig to get me by. i dont care if its used as long as the price is right
  5. lordhell

    lordhell Moderator

    Keep looking around the classified section on this board for deals on Accurate 2-SP reels if you're looking for 2-SP. If you're not wanting to spend the $$$ on a 2-SP right now, buy yourself something like a Daiwa Saltist STT40 for your needs. Here's a link to one on ebay for $166 shipped to you:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50

    They are solid reels that will get you by this year while you save up for that Accurate Boss 2-SP. As for a decent budget rod, get yourself a Sea Magic Dragonfly 400g jigging rod for conventional, here:

    Dragon Fly Rods

    Sometimes you can find them for sale by members of 360tuna for a good deal in the classified section.

    I've also heard good things about Hopper rods, check out "HOPC 325FS 6" or "HOPC 400FS 410":

    Hopper Custom Jigging Casting Rods
  6. SpecialK

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    I'll second lordhell. Keep your eye on the classified section on this site and get a some good used equipment if you can't afford it new. Most quality reels can last a lifetime if properly cared for. There is a lot of junk on ebay. If you haven't heard of it somewhere else it is most likely sh!t...
  7. lucas_shane

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    once again men thanks a million. the diawa reel is pretty nice looking. and the dragon fly rods seem to be pretty with the 400g rod being 5'8" is it easy to cast with ?
  8. Jason4606

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    A 2-speed conventional and 400g 5'8" jigging rod aren't really what I think of when looking for a casting rod. You might be able to have one "all-around" rod, but it won't be cheap. Probably best to start with Minnow's post on overnighter trip suggestions... then pick one type of rod and start with that. Then we could help give better recommendations.

    So now I'm just guessing now on what you need... But if I was buying one rod for an overnighter on a budget, I'd personally start with a heavy jigging set-up. You won't be able to cast with it very well. But you could deep drop, chunk and jig.

    The Penn 113HN Baja Special (just saw a used one listed for $150) would be a great low-cost and VERY capable reel. And a 600g OTI rod will handle almost anything that swims in the GOM.

    There may be some that are a little cheaper. But for a TRUE 500-600g rod, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better built, with Fuji SiC guides, Aluminum gimble, Fuji 22mm reel seat, etc.... or with a better warranty than OTI.

    (Sending you a PM too...)

    *** I noticed after typing this the 1st time that you sent a PM on that used reel thread... Hope you get the Baja! ***