Black Marlin Bonanza In Panama at Hooked On Panama

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    Hi Everyone,
    This is Dan from Panama with a fishing report and photos from this
    last week. Needless to say, I don't understand why they call it the
    off season. The offshore and inshore fishing was hot. Now, it might
    rain some times, which it has only been doing at night, and the
    cloud cover really helps with the tropical heat. I do believe
    because of our location out on the tip of Punta Burica, we receive
    about half the amount of rain they do almost everywhere else. Now
    for the report. We had a crew here from Texas for the week of July
    20th. 2 boats fishing for 3 days with Captain Oliver and mate Rafa
    on the Miss Burica and Captain Victor and mate Matagato ( cat
    killer ) on the La Chiricana.

    3 Black Marlin hooked. One that broke the double line ( something
    new for us ) was around 500lbs. The other was on for about 10
    minutes before spitting the hook. The 3rd came up tail wrapped after
    a hour long battle and after trying to revive her for another hour,
    we had to bring her in. This fish measured out at 350lbs and was
    caught by Kyra Hudson. Hated having to bring her back, but the
    smoked marlin we prepared was delicious and the staff got to take
    home a lot of fresh fish.

    So many Dorado that we lost count. Most of them were in the 20 to
    40lb. range. The weed lines off the tip of the Point were holding
    tons of bait and the Dorados were there.

    No big tunas, but tons of small ones with a few hitting 25lbs.
    Margot, our head chef, makes an unbelievable seared Tuna with a
    sesame seed glaze.

    12 to 15 Roosters released with the largest one topping out at 68lbs.

    Multiple Cubera Snappers. The largest one at 31lbs. We released all
    but one of the Cuberas. Let me tell you, fresh snapper fillets on
    the grill are awesome.

    Multiple Pargo. Kept a couple for dinner. This is the only fish
    Margot will use for her world famous Thai Fish Soup. Ask anyone who
    has had it and you will understand why it is world famous.

    Mullet Snappers and Blue Travally's. Blue Travally makes a wonderful
    ceviche. How do you spell Travally?

    Had 5 sails up, but couldn,t get them to eat anything. I guess
    there was just to much bait around and they were just not hungry.

    The anglers.

    Kim & EvanVillaruel

    Keith Letsos & Katie Tucker

    Wes & Kyra Hudson


    To top it off, on day 4 we went surfing by boat to the secret spot.
    4 to 6 feet and 300 yard rights, again. Not a bad way to wrap up the
    trip. Good fishing, good fun and great food was had by all. Hooray
    to the green season and a little less sunscreen. Check out the
    photos below. I had too many to send in one e-mail.

    Captain Dan Peavy
    Aqua Adventures
    Hooked on Panama
    Aqua Adventures Panama Sportfishing Adventures & Vacation Packages
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    great pics. and report

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    Those are some amazing pictures of a great trip!

    You guys seriously make it look "normal" to catch those incredible species on a every-day basis!

    thanks for posting!
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    very nice catches! love seeing those roosters!
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    Thanks Kidflex

    I appreciate you looking at the post and look forward to yours
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    Thanks enoch

    We try hard to make every trip a good memory for our guest as well as releasing everything possible but what we need for guest to eat.Thanks for reading report