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Hi everyone,
I'm writing from Italy.
Me and a friend of mine started chunk fishing for tuna in the Ligurian sea this year. We landed some fishes (100 to 200lb fishes). We would like to partecipate to some competitions here in Italy and we are looking for something that could let us land a 200lb fish quite fast. We fight the fish stand up with an harness.
I'm considering a Black Hole GIANT 6' blank for a custom build by a local rod maker.
According to the competition regulation we must use mono line tested with maximum load at 50lbs.
I was thinking about building the rod with roller guides.
What do you think about the Black Hole GIANT 6' blank? could it be a right choice for us?
The blank's tip should be cut (I red some thread here about cutting the tip)?
The blank at 6' is fine for stand up fighting?
what kind of guides do you suggest (size, spacing, etc).
Any suggestion is welcome.
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