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  1. r.sheker

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    steiner vs. vortex vs. zeiss which one would you pick
  2. Hooksetter6

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    I have Steiner, buddy have Vortex. I love his Vortex 10x42's. Really like my Steiner Predators but really .... there is no comparison. Vortex rocks.

  3. NBorg

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    I have Stiener Night Hunters, Great Glass tough as hell I beat the hell of them bouncing in and out of the truck all year. If I was buying again though I would buy Vortex.

    My Friends Dad had bought a pair of Leicas, and Swarvos to compare, and a pair of Vortex for his daughter, after messing with them for a few nights at dusk till dark to see which of the three was the best, he sent the Leicas and Swarvos back and bought another pair or Vortexs. We all agreed that there was little to no noticeable difference in brightness or low light capabilities. Now I'm sure ther are tests with some sort of machine that may be able to show benefits from the higher dollar glass but 98% of the people using them can't see the difference.
  4. landlocked

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    surprised nobody mentioned fujinons, fmtr-sx are pretty sweet amazing low light view