Big Stripers on jigs

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by MJ4, Oct 21, 2009.

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    Sorry if this doesnt belong in this forum.
    My good friend Mike and I took his boat out of Cape May NJ today for our first fall 09 striper trip.We set up to chunk some bunker in the Delaware Bay.We got 1 fish early that was 40".Then after a while realized why we dont like chunkin.Well its BORING.
    Decided to tie on our jigs and bucktails and head to the point.We get there and find some beautiful rips with some birds workin and nobody around.First drift I get whacked and set the hook on a 15 lbish fish.Next few drifts all produced fish with a few double headers.
    Now were loosin the tide and decide to do one more.Glad we did.I hook into a healthy 32 lb bass on my 1oz white bucktail.This fish was quite a battle on my lite setup.Took close to 20 mins to land the fish.I was usin an Uglystik Lite with a Abu Ambassador 6500C3 with 20 lb suffix braid and 20lb mono leader.Now before you laugh at my setup let me say that its served me very well over the last 10 years and I love it for fishing 3/4-1.5oz bucktails.I can cast this outfit further than any of my inshore spinning setups.
    This fish is my biggest bucktail caught striper of my life.I'll take a 32 lber on a bucktail/lite setup in the rips over a 40-50 lb chunk caught fish anyday.The fight is totally differeent.
    Was a beautiful day on the water with lite winds/calm seas/good friends and big fish on bucktails.

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    very welcome to this forum,great pictures ,thanks for posting.

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    Nice catches!! I love working the Spros and even toss out a few diamond jigs for the stripers. Nothing like a striper on light tackle! Thanks for sharing!
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    very nice stripes
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    Thanks guys.Nothin like catchin em in the rips on bucktails with no other boats in sight while everyone else is dunkin bunker up the bay.
    YMMV I always use Andrus Bucktails for bass and a Kroc spoon is my go to jig.
    If ya like spros I have home made bucktails that you'll love.Their Dan's jigheads(Boston Tangler) with my twist on them.Hopefully Dan will get me some 1oz heads soon.
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    nice bass dude, bucktailin is good fun esp on light tackle.
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    nice healthy looking fish.
    i gotta get a trip or 2 in before TOGGIN.

    nothing wrong with the rod and reel you used...lot of fun
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    Paul we'll have to get together this fall/winter for some toggin and jiggin.