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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by bighead, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. bighead

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    It's time for me to start gathering tackle for the GEM trip and I was wondering about a large reel for chunking. I'm leaning toward an Avet 30 pro or 50 sds. Would the 50 be overkill for this trip? Is the 30 enough for the job? I've got a couple of Penn 20's that I suspect would be ok on smaller fish but may not work on the "cows" so to speak. I hope to do an occasional 52 hr type trip as well so that may affect my choice. Thanks for any feedback, Bert
  2. Muddskipper

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    30's are generally big enough until you realize the MOnster of the deep is not turning and your $100 line is getting dumped quicker than a porpise eats an undersized sanpper.

    I went with a 30 wide...did the Shimano thing, but if I were to do it again I would go with the AVET. I beieve it puts out more drag.

    Mike W on the 2cool board can make you a great deal and he spools them up with hollow braided at no charge (which is an extra $100)

    Might even try Chrak Bait

  3. Bret

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    Bert, I have been using my int 20 single speed and it has caught tuna up to 120lbs.. but I had blueprinted for 65lb line by cals 2speed.. You will be in trouble if you hook into one much bigger than 125lbs... the Avet 30 would be my next choice...
  4. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator

    For most of Gulf tuna, modified International 16, 20, Tiagra 16,20 or an avet 3/0 will do the job, but you will be introuble if you hook into anything bigger than 150.
    I fi were you, I would get the 50 narrow.JMO

    I sold my Accurate 30 few years back, now I am in the market for Tiagra 50 narrow or Avet 50
  5. Gunsmoke

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    For the big reel on a head boat tuna and AJ trip I'll be packing a Tiagra 30wlrsa. Also will be packing a Tiagra 50wlrsa for deep water AJ fishing.
  6. jedi243

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    Go for the Avet 50SDS. It and the 30w have the same capacity but the drag and cranking power on the SDS is phenomenal. Plus when you hook into that 300lb swordfish you won't be as worn out after the 3 hour fight. Plus it will double as a great AJ winch.
  7. bighead

    bighead Senior Member

    Thanks for the response guys. I'm kind of leaning toward the SDS right now in one of those cool colors Chark has. I'm not so worried about the extra weight but Russ has to get one too. Do you think for a smaller framed man (~125 pounds soaking wet) that the 30 Pro would be about right or should I just lend him a 20 or does his size even matter?
  8. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator


    I am about the same size as Russ.
    30, 50 and even 70 and 80 size reels won't be a problem. One thing to remember Narrow Reel = less wobble. JMO

    Russ will able to handle Avet 30 Pro.
  9. Gunsmoke

    Gunsmoke Senior Member

    There sure are a lot of Avet lovers on these boards. Minnow, if you are in the market for a 50, I'd buy the Tiagra 50 if you don't want the "W" version. The new "A" series are a step up from the older versions. Really nice.

    This messege is for John S. I know you read this board from offshore when things are slow. I've tried your cell and your SAT phone numerous times this afternoon with no luck. Let me know how you guys did today at Colt. Are we still on for tommorow? I'll be at work until about 6 and plan on being on the road by 7:30. Please call or email me before 7:30. Thanks.
  10. Minnow

    Minnow Administrator


    Out of so many reels on the market, Tiagra 50 is my reel of choice.Thanks for your sugustions.
    I love my Accurate 50, but it cost too much.
    I might get an Avet in near furture, but for now it will be the Tiagra.
  11. Bazztex

    Bazztex Senior Member

    Hey Yall

    Avet has a Quad Drag 30 T-rex now!

    Hang on to your 125# azz if you fish that one buttoned down. LoL

  12. bellyup

    bellyup Member

    You will get a lot of different answers and eventually find out what works best for you. Unfortunately, the answer usually follows the purchase of several so so options first.

    I have an Avet SDS and like it a lot. I would get the SDS if you are planning to ever use it for trolling. Like Kevin stated, it has great cranking power. I would assume any other quality 50 size reel would be similar. This size would be my first choice since I could use it for trolling, chunking, and AJs. I would spool it with 100 to 130 pound solid spectra and change topshots on it depending on how it is being fished.

    If you want to use the reel mostly for chunking, I would consider a avet 30 narrow or similar reel by shimano or daiwa. This size would work great for chunking and AJs but may be a little small for trolling. I would spool it with 80-100 pound solid spectra unless I also want to use it for AJs (and it would work for this purpose). If also using for AJs, I would spool with 100-130 pound solid spectra. Many people like the hollow spectra to form loop to loop connections and because it is simplier on the hands.

    I would also look into the new Penn Torque 300, trinidad 40, or saltiga 40/50 as an all purpose reel (all these options are high speed single speed). They aren't the best for chunking but will get the job done with a good rod unless you have pencil arms and a high voice. They aren't the best for trolling either. However, they should work great for topwaters, casting, and jigging.

    For the big E, I have several set ups. You will need to compromise with one set up or limit your fishing options. I have 2 setups devoted to jigging, the SDS and tricked out TLD 20 devoted to chunking and AJs, and my toriums for casting.