Big Reel slow pitch

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    Ok, thought I didn't have to mention it,
    because it would be obvious.
    I was comparing SPJ to YoYo style jigging.
    Not speed jigging, never mentioned speed jigging
    in comparison to SPJ

    So, back to the original question.
    How is it any different if traditional jigger
    who is using Jig XYZ, using a yoyo style,
    working the bottom 30 feet of the water column.

    Any different than SPJ angler
    who is using Jig XYZ, SJP style,
    working the bottom 30 feet of the water column.

    The jig in Pierre's picture matches his shorts :) :)
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    My comparisons are not from my local fishing.
    SPJ is kind of useless up here, seabass,
    or bluefish if you want to catch them, that's about it.

    My comparisons are from fishing in tropical locations,
    which I do about 45+ days a year during the winter,
    on a boat I/we own, and I play captain.

    Other than Dogtooth, which is "fish specific" fishery,
    which we are targeting midwater with a yoyo style jigging,
    or the SPJ guys doing the same,
    both targeting the same water column, based on where
    fish are marking on fish finder.
    In this case, both styles hook up equally, I don't think I've
    ever seen an advantage with SPJ vs Reg when both are using
    a similar shape/size/color jig. I've seen certain jigs out perform
    on some days, but this has happened for SPJ and reg jig.
    In this scenario, targeting a single type of fish,
    the SPJ will not land as many as the regular gear,
    many lost to sharks, because you can't pull on them fast enough.

    When it comes to bottom fishing,
    its no different than Florida.
    Drop down with a jig, and its a mixed bag fishery.
    Very hard to target a particular fish,
    and like Florida, we often get covered up the local
    version of a "red snapper" lol
    Often get GT on the bottom on jig.
    (I will say, even in basically virgin fisheries,
    bait out performs the metal for many of the
    most desirable species.)

    I've noticed far more fish lost to the bottom structure
    with SJP than with reg gear.