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    Too busy watching Big reels winching Big fish with those Big lures. :)
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    Watch the video at 6:00,
    you can see the level of line on the anglers reel,
    while a fish is taking drag.
    Not much line missing from the reel,
    not enough to be fishing 200-300 meters of depth.

    Another pointer learned in the previous century,
    when you have to pull on your rod to gain line,
    its a hint,
    you are using a rod that is not appropriate for the
    class of fish you are catching.
    Time for a stronger rod.
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    The amount of line that reel holds at the lb test they’re using (30lb) yes it can ... they’re using a reel that can hold about 800-1000yds of 20-40 lb which is what they’re using ...
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    Another assumption.
    Look at the reel, I can't tell you what model it is,
    but I can tell you its NOT a oceajigger 4000 or 5000.
    I can also tell you the reel is fairly small,
    since a little Asian guy can wrap his hand around it too.

    So, like I said previously,
    there is nowhere near 200-300 or more meters/yards
    of line that is off that reel, 30 or 40lb braid.
    Take another look at 6:00- 6:10,
    pause the vid, can see not much line is off
    a fairly small reel.

    I would also question their experience level,
    or at least some of them.
    Look at the close up picture you posted,
    the guy has "chartered" the reel,
    got the line all bunched up on one side.
    Mark of a rookie or experienced googan.

    Personally, I would have went with the Pink Barbie rod,
    would have made for better video :)
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    Check out the new Maxel Rage 60H, R90 reels made for Slow Pitch. I think I read somewhere that F60H takes 1200m PE2.
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    I was hoping I was not the only one... who does not fall for that bullshit that you have to pull vertically on a $900 Synit or whatever Japanese noodle stick when bringing up a fish, I ain’t doing that...
    When I was doing my research about SLP and was told by a prominent 360 member and SPJ rod builder that the way to fish a $550 SPJ rod when bringing a fish is to point at the fish and pull on the rod so that you won’t break it... I said to myself: I don’t know everything about fishing but after 34 years pulling bottom fish from Dry Tortugas, I’m gonna have some new age SPJ fanatic show me proper etiquette to SPJ technique? a rod is made to pull on that motherfucker down there. The whole matching outfit thing with the fancy gloves ( I’m used to wearing all bloody stained shirts and having Sargent pliers strapped to my waist) with the $900 (don’t pull on it Japanese rod) is way over the top for me, I draw the line. And I watched someone that I trust (Dudley)that I know for a fact did not learn the shit from watching YouTube, catch fish by SPJ with a stiffer rod and pull on that fish. I found a SPJ rod built by Jongsoo from a Blackhole blank with soft tip to make the jig dance but enough backbone to keep my rod at least orizontally when bringing a fish in, it might not work as well as the $900 one, but I’ll make it work and I’ll get to pump that fish off the bottom, after all I’m in the USA, we've been doing this shit for decades. I’m not tossing what was passed down to me by a bunch of blue collar rednecks for some 100 lb. dude from the other side of the planet, who doesn’t even have any scars from fish fights, I have several to show off and a lot of getting my ass whipped by big Florida fish. I’m using that rod as it was intended and if it breaks I need a stiffer one.
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    Welcome to the world of snowflake fishing. Lol We’re gonna have a good ole time next week. Lol
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    Ditto above. I watched the video... and some of you guys are impressed? About what? Can’t you tell those fools either don’t have enough strength and/or are complete googans. if you’ve been fishing any length of time and handle yourself the way some of the guys in the video handled themselves when hooked up, I ain’t fishing next to you, you liable to pull on my fish and de-hook it not knowing any better. I was not impressed at all by their level of expertise, bunch of googans.
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    It's turned into googans learning from other googans.
    Complete erosion of fishing skills for the recreational angler.
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    SPJ is for anglers who DON'T know how to fish with a jig.

    Why they gravitated to SPJ technique,
    is they had less than optimal results jig fishing.
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    In the 2016 Boatless trip a kid named William got the HH honors, he fished relentlessly with jigs. But this 60 y/0 man got first snapper, first grouper, second place HH, largest pool fish ( which I chose to release) a big sailfish. All in bloody bait. :D
    This year I’m just going to chill, looking forward to meeting new friends, and learning how to SPJ, I’m open minded, unlike some fanatics that have come to hate bait fisherman.:(
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    Guys, I have to admit that I'm a complete zero in fishing and I really need your help. The fact is that I recently reconciled with my son and he dreams that we would go fishing together. I agreed, but then I realized that I absolutely did not know anything about it. I have a week to learn the basics. What suggestions or tips do you have? I will be happy for any help. So far, I have been advised to buy all the equipment from nihon fishing's site, because it has excellent Japanese quality and a long warranty. Soon the inventory should come to me, but I don’t even know how to use it. I do not want to be dishonored in front of my son!
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  15. Boston Tangler

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    What is Slow Pitch Jigging?
    Five years ago, hardly anyone in the States had heard of slow pitching. In fact, the technique itself hasn’t been around much longer than that. It was first developed in Japan by a deep-water angler called Norihiro Sato. He was looking for a way to target fish even when they weren’t actively feeding. What he ended up with was one of the most effective techniques ever invented.

    The fundamental difference between slow pitch and regular jigging is how your “bait” behaves. You’re not imitating a fish trying to escape – this would be too much effort for a resting fish to bother with. Instead, you use small, precise movements to mimic a wounded fish trying and failing to swim away from the seafloor. It’s an easy snack that even the laziest Grouper can’t resist.


    Sato completely rewrote the rules when making this technique. Anglers weren’t limited by the fish’s feeding times anymore. They didn’t need any bait or chum to attract deep-water bottom fish. Instead, they were catching huge reef fish on tackle that looks too small for most freshwater species. And what’s more, they were doing it consistently at any time of day.
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    Be happy to help you with a setup for SPJ

    I carry the major brands like Shimano as well as speciality Japanese brands like Sea Floor Control, Yamaga, Ripplerfisher. We also have our own line called Palmarius.
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    Ehhh they’ve been spending years trying to learn it. So in a weeks time all we could probably do was give you the right tools to use .
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    So, how is the jig acting any differently with slow pitch,
    than in the hands of an experienced jigger?
    Both are trying to achieve the same results/actions with the jig.

    One is able to take said jig,
    attach to any rod and reel,
    and make the jig dance properly.

    The other takes said jig,
    attaches to specific rod and reel,
    and reels in a specific robotic fashion,
    to make the jig dance properly.

    No different with lures.
    Some lures like stick baits require
    skill on the anglers part to work properly
    in order to get a strike.
    Think regular jig gear.

    Other lures are designed to be reeled
    in at various speeds and the action is
    automatically imparted by the lure,
    the angler just reels.
    Think SPJ.

    I will state again,
    and from real world experience watching a number of times.
    Because of the limitations of the SPJ gear when it comes to
    controlling the direction of the fish, and negating the ability of
    using the rod to pull when you need too in assist to just straight reeling at times,
    than the skilled guy with conventional tackle with some backbone.
    This is on the assumption the anglers are catching fish consistently
    through out the day.

    While getting the bite is "everything"
    for some/many skilled with a jig,
    getting the bite is not the issue,
    landing them is.

    Traditionally, that was how tackle
    was selected for a fishery,
    what class/weight rod do I NEED TO LAND A FISH.

    Now its the complete opposite,
    what kind of rod/reel do I need
    to work a particular weight jig,
    using this SPJ rod.

    Quite simply,
    the tackle scaled to the fish class being
    targeted will land more fish,
    than the gear being scaled to the weight of the jig.

    PS> besides the fact that Japanese retail is all about
    renew and replace often, everything is like that,
    no different with fishing. Create new techniques,
    means new rods, reels and lures to sell. All good
    until the market catches up, sales already peaked,
    so now we create something new, so everybody
    has new items to buy once again.
    Refrigerators are replaced on average once every 15-18 years
    in the US, in Japan, it is 3-4 years.
    They are the masters of marketing on a hyper level.

    PPS> SPJ adds slack to the drop basically,
    which many can't seem to accomplish with regular gear.
    And the reeling with whip tip rod,
    produces the proper upward movement,
    for those not able to chew gum and walk at the same time :)

    PPPS> Speed Jigging ---> Butterfly Jigging----> SPJ ----> whatever new style Garriga is currently inventing :)
  19. Boston Tangler

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    So, how is the jig acting any differently with slow pitch,
    than in the hands of an experienced jigger?
    Both are trying to achieve the same results/actions with the jig.

    It is different in speed jigging its largely an up down down action. You see fish on the sounder, you drop slightly below them, you work the jig slightly past them, no results repeat as needed. Pretty standard stuff.

    In SPJ the jigs have all types of various designs - so that the jigs move left and right not just up and down in the water col. it's a different presentation. You see guys lifting the rod ( jig ) high and then letting it fall slowly. Sure the desired results are the same getting a bite, what the above article is saying is SPJ can be effective for a longer duration ie not just a specific tide or pod we find feeding but those somewhat lazy (Groupers), opportunistic Snappers that might not be on the feed but a very slowly, wobbly jig is apt to draw that stick vs the strictly "up down" action of a typical speed (knife jig).

    Caught on Palmarius - 2.jpg Caught on Palmarius - 8.jpg
    Caught on Palmarius - 2.jpg VMC 6.jpg VMC 1.jpg
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    I agree that landing the fish takes considerably more skill with SPJ than with traditional fishing tackle.

    The issue with what you've said is that it operated under the assumption that you are targeting a particular fish. With SPJ, you're generally targeting an area rather than a specific species.

    Also, you're assuming that you will land more of the targeted fish with this set up. Likely correct, but you will also likely get much less bites from other fish. So while you may land your targeted fish more times, your opportunities for fish catching overall are likely diminished.
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