Big Game ST 25's Diving Trolling Lure. New Pink Color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    A set of 3 high quality big game diving lures. Strong reliable VMC 3X treble hooks with heavy duty split rings. 6.25' body length equaling 2.50 ounces in weight, running 30' @ 13 knots. Striker Tackle diving lures have been designed by fishermen for fishermen. Using the highest quality materials we have developed diving lures that will catch fish consistently and width stand the harsh environment of offshore big game fishing. This lure will dive and create the ultimate illusion of a wounded bait fish.

    *Deep Diving lip lure
    *Translucent Body Design
    *Internal Holographic Foil
    *3D Holographic Eyes
    *VMC #X Perma Steel Hooks
    *3X Split Rings

    Striker Offshore Tackle was created by fisherman to offer exceptional and dependable tackle at prices we can all afford.

    WHY PAY $20.00 PER LURE, WHEN YOU CAN BUY 3 FOR $40.00

    $40.00 per set of 3 lures.

    ***Free Shipping with any purchase over $75.00!!

    To Purchase please visit WWW.STRIKERTACKLE.COM

    We can also send an invoice thru Paypal for payment

    upload_2016-6-8_11-4-52.png upload_2016-6-8_11-4-52.png
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    I just received my DTX200 Black/Pink Mackerel and it looks incredible! Thank you so much for the fast service and for rigging the plug just the way I wanted.
    Great seller here folks!
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