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In the fascinating thread "Strike Pro Tuna Hunters Poppers fo Giant and not so Giant Tuna (Thanks Mr. Bill) Fishhead56 went off on his own interesting tangent in which he asked:

"I have landed pacific sails on the Classic in Gua. on plug even a Mirrorlue (10 lb drag\30lb line on spin) but that is not the same to me as a Rooster, Cubera, Dog Tooth or Gt on heavy drag. ...... Plus Bay lures don't cast for darn into wind with big spinner, Heavy rod and heavy braid. So what are the Big fish small lure options?


Recently I had a similar conversation on SOL about a long distance "breakaway" (that is the lure is not directly attached to the hooks) for monster Rooster Fish. I suggested to him that he reverse these aluminium versions of the old cedar tuna plug:

New Page 1

Of course a little work would be necessary to open (drill out some) up what is 'now the back end'. I'd rig it solid ring - split ring - back to back Owner SJ 41 or treble of your choice. These would be nearly industructible, aerodynamic, rear weighted, and with the 'new front lip' should make a pretty good splash. But since it could slide up the line during a fight one would have to accept the ocassional break off to other toothy fish = like bluefish.

Just a thought.


Anodized & Painted Aluminum One Piece Tuna Lures
These are not just Aluminum and Brass Cedar Plugs! The diameter to length ratio and the unique flair tail give these lures a realistic life like motion, they swim, flutter and dart while leaving an intermittent bubble trail. The Aluminum models are surface baits most effective in the 5-12 knot range and are great for Tuna and Dolphin. The Albacore and Yellowfin have a large hole in the body for regular eye hooks, no more needle eyes. The Bluefin model is threaded in the flair tail to accept screw in skirts and makes a great teaser! Bluefin now comes with a much larger tail and internal thread which allows a 14/0 hook to fit up into the rear of the lure. We make an extra large skirt ($15.00) to screw into the new threads (standard large skirts no longer fit). Please call for available colors.


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Those look great.
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