"BIG EYE" Diamond Jigs with 4X Mustad Hook!!!!!!!!!

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    Diamond Jigs have stood the test of time and while others have come and gone, and diamond jigs are still putting meat on the deck. The diamond jig has been a proven winner for decades and will continue that same trend for years to come.

    The jigs come with 4X Mustad treble hooks paired with a strong split ring.

    *6OZ and 8OZ in size
    *2 of the hammered jigs has a reflective surface with hammered dimples.
    *One jig completely glows in the dark.
    *The jigs come with one 4X Mustad treble hooks. 6OZ Jig-2/0 hook 8OZ Jig-3/0 hook.

    GREAT FOR FISHING: Tuna, Snapper, AmberJack, and Grouper.

    6OZ Jig-$13.00 and 8OZ Jig-$14.00 and they can be purchased at www.strikertackle.com or we can invoice thru Paypal.

    FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99.00

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