Big E Tuna Trip

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    52 Yellowfins hit the dock, we are waiting for the fishing report!
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    "I finally caught my first YFT, Marble Grouper, and Warsaw Grouper on this trip. I think there was a total of 52 YFs caught. There was a lot of groupers and exotics caught on this trip. Two state record for a Long Tail Bass and a Grunt. One state record pending for an Oceanic Trigger. My friend Gary caught a 6.6lbs Queen trigger. Its was a beautiful fish. We even had a TPW guy on board fishing with us. We made a few stops on the way out for some snappers in about 200ft. of water. I hook up to my 1st Warsaw ever with the trusty old Hammered diamond jig. Everyone caught there limit on snapper. The 1st night, YF's were hitting Yummi flying fish, small 4 to 5in poppers, live flyers and some stick baits. I only got hits from fat black fins the first night. I was using 80g. Shibuki and Shimano Ocea pencils. I started out using the the Shimano Ocea in the blue mackrel color. After about an hour with no YF action I switch over to a pink Ocea. Two seconds after it hit the water I got a hit from a fat BFT. Next cast I hooked up with something but it threw the hook. Third cast a Cuda snap the line. That was the only one I had in pink. I switch over to Mr. Shibuki and caught countless BF's. Went to sleep about 6am to rest up for bottom fishing. The captain said that we were trying out some new spots. I caught my first Marble grouper on the 1st stop and another on the second stop. I think there were 6 or 7 species of gouper caught on the trip. On the last stop we had a bit of a shark problem. I couldn't get my 420g. Jitterbel jigs to the bottom without getting bit off by a shark. The groupers were bitting anything from cut bait to diamond jigs. Another Warsaw was landed on that stop. I think he had was using a Barjack for bait. Took a nap to get ready for the night bit. I started with a Ocea in ribbonfish color. Didn't get one hit for an hour so I tried the yummi for a while with no luck. Porpoises were all over chasing flying fish. I put the Shibuki back on an finally hooked up to a YF. That would be the only one I caught on the entire trip. Chunking and free-lining live flyers was producing very well on this trip. The biggest YF (100lbs.) was caught by the Captain while kite fishing with a live flyer. Now comes the BAD news. When we were on our way out, I went to heat up some food and found a bunch of bananas sitting on one of the tables. I didn't know who it belong to so I left it alone. I didn't want to steal bananas from a 200lb. guy and get my a$$ beat. Here is where the $hit hits the fan. I was woken up by my buddy Gary with the news of my brand new 08' SW20K was broken. We always play jokes on each other so I wasn't worried. After climbing the steps I found Raul sitting there with my SW in his hands with the reel seat broken clean off. Aparently the grill broke loose and fell over right on my reel. Here's the kicker. Before I went to sleep I had placed my rods beside the grill and I notice a guy moving my rods over in front of the grill so he could put his rods by his buddies. (Bad Karma I guess). Everything was cool other that having to switch my other 20K back and forth from jigging to popping. They cut me a check for the full amount as soon as we got back to shore so everything was cool. The next fiasco was with I very nice guy I met on board name Bruce. He was using an OTI 300g. jigging rod with and Avet. While fighting a decent size AJ, the rod snapped right before the 1st eye. He was still able to land the fish. Later we went to check the drag and it was only @ 13lbs. (Banana Curse). The next fiasco was with Gary. He was free-lining a live flyer on the bow while I was still popping. Gary hooked up to a nice YF and started the battle with his 665W. I few minutes into the fight we had equipment malfunction. We heard a loud pop that came from the reel. Gary looked at me and said "Bao I got a problem". The handle would turn be the spool would not. This is the 4th 665 that blew up to my knowledge within the last few months. I don't want to here this as much you do because I love my 665. We ended up landing the tuna by hand lining it thanks to Josh. The last fiasco was with me trying get another YF. Earlier in the day I got a knot in my line while jigging and getting tangled up with Gary. The knot was about 70yds. in and I was to lazy to deal with it. While fishing the last hour before we had to head back in I hooked up to something good with the Shibuki. While the fish was taking line, I saw that knot go through the eyes of my rod and as soon as it went out about 20yds., POP! My line snapped. I sounded like someone just cracked a whip and my only Shibuki was gone into the abyss. Other that the banana curse it was a fun trip. Big Thanks to TJ for loaning me his 8'6" rod. I loved it and can't wait to buy my own. It was also great to meet Bruce and Tuna Mike on the boat. Hope to fish with you guys again soon. "


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