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Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Minnow, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. Minnow

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    I just got a call from Mcgolfer.
    First night they were at Boomvang, head in shore to Eastbreak and Falcon.
    Second night they were at Hoover diana, then back to Boomvang.
    The ride home was a little rough with 10+ft sea.
    Total YFT about 60, with the largest about 96#.
    Capt. Frank caught +-600 # MAKO.

    HOT ROD for this trip is Grescobia with 8 yft.

    i hope Mcgolver, Drshark and Gresscobia will post up a report and pictures.
  2. DeepBlueGulf

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    Thanks for the report Minnow, now I can go to bed! I'll wait for the details for tomorrow.

    Tom - DBG

  3. galveston1602

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    great news that they made it back in OK.

    Sounds like they had a good trip.
  4. STx Fisherman

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    It's good to know that I'm not the only one waiting up to see the report!
    The Mako sounds like it was a monster.....can't wait to see the pics!!
  5. STx Fisherman

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    I didn't see Dr. Shark's name mentioned in the preliminary report. Can I lower my bid on Dr. Shark in the Cinco Calcutta? :D
  6. DeepBlueGulf

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    I thought I'd go to bed, but couldn't. Guess I'll stay up with you guys to hear the blow by blow.

  7. mcgolfer

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    grescobia and a fellowed named charlie were the stars with 8 yellowfin each. large tuna was 96lb caught by a guy named jeff. about 60 yellowfins and tons of blackfins. the 2 ladies that drshark and i were tutoring caught 2 yellowfins each plus lots of blackfins. we fished boomvang and nansen the first night and then bottom fished at a spot near the east breaks before moving over to falcon. fished saturday night at hoover/diana before going in to boomvang to finish the night. about 6am a large mako shows up and is hooked by captian frank. took longer to get that beast in the boat than to catch and kill it. they should have photo's up on captian elliots soon and i am sure someone will post up some photo's they took sooner. i would love to ramble but i need some rest....rick
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  9. MrBill

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    How did you like the ride back in those 9' seas? Bet you are a beat piece of chit.
  10. mcgolfer

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    i was a beat piece of chit before i ever climbed aboard the big e. we weren't able to cruise at her normal cruise but we ran the top speed of the dolpin from port a all the way in. we didn't pound but we did roll considerably. i slept most of the way in an didn't think it was bad at all.....rick
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    better get some rest , you are gonna neeed it to keep up with me-- and thats even WITH me cooking your food... hehe.. ( I can cast from up top WHILE attached to the grill, just may make it a little harder to get a gaff in the fish... lol)

    May be wet out there this weekend, better make sure I have my good rain gear.
  12. Bret

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    Rest up and give us some more fishing details. How was the topwater, jig and chunk bite????
  13. STx Fisherman

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    Waiting for Dr. Shark's perspective on the trip....