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Fished a private charter on the Big E Thursday and Friday October 11 & 12. Thursday we fished our way to Gunnison and caught a mixed bag of Red Snapper, a couple of AJ's, scamp and Warsaw Grouper.

Thursday night we had unlimited Blackfin action along with the occasional hook up with a Yellowfin. The topwater bite for YF never happened. We ended up with 8 YF and several more lost boatside. All the YF came on chunks. We ended the trip with a two day limit of Red Snapper for everyone, lots of Blackfin, 2 Warsaw, 2 AJ's, 6 or so scamp, and 8 YF.

I did not take as many pics as I should have, but here are a couple. This is the big Warsaw of the trip at 80lbs and a dock shot of the YF and 2 Warsaw.



my turn next. i hope that we see the tuna and have a wide open bite like the last several years at this time. glad to see that at least a few yellowfins were caught. when we went to boomvang and nansen 2 weeks ago there only a few small yellowfins mixed in with the blackfins. with all the venice action there should be tuna to the east....rick

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Hey Rick, I'm not sure where Frank is planning to take ya'll but the topwater bite was hot at Brutus and the 2nd rig of the first noght but fery slow at the first rig of the first night.

I hope ya'll slay'm!!!

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I wonder how well -and if- the Big E's YFT bite is going right now?

I know at least 2 people on that trip will be taking pics!

Richard, Scott and Jerry went. I'm not sure if Tom went too but one of them should have some pics and a report.
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