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Did the trip last Thurs and Friday.

Highlight were my 2 Yellow fin on topwater ( the boat only caught 4 YFT)

And jigging with the Butterfly set up.

This was a warm up trip to the upcoming 52hr in Sept.

KITE fishing was done on the boat, and produced FISH
It was done with a helium ballon, by the 2nd capt.
Bring it for the big trip, Minnow

Topwater was great.
there was no particular lure that out fished any other.
My 1st YFT came on a Tusimana but was destroyed after that one fish and would not float. My second came on a Big Tuna Hunter. I did not like the action of the angry popper and did not fish it very long.
guys were actually using lighter gear like PENN 7500 but it took them 30 minutes to catch a 15lb blk fin.
Beprepared to handle the big boys if your going to toss big lures

Chunking was hardly done
I tried it for an hour but did not catch anything

Jigging for tuna
this was good for BLK fin, but who care when you have YFT
IMO I will not do this because its a waste of energy and I would rather go for the big boyz

Jigging for other species in 200- 300'
had a blast out fishing everyone with dead bait.
hot colors were 7oz pink profish
Wish I had a differnt rod (6'6" Trevella MH)
If I were to do it again I would buy one of islanders heavy rods.

What shoud have I brought that I did not.

More clothes, your shirts get nasty after about 4 hours will bring more next time.
more than one towel
more jiggs, my big shimano bag was full and I flew threw jigs, I will bring more next time

there is other fishing going on while the kite is being flown. kite is flown off the starboard side of the boat at mid ship. there are people throwing poppers off the stern and bow and others jigging and chunking off the port side.....rick

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So why is it that so few YF are caught? This is not the case in Venice. Is the Big E a good place to Kite fish? Do the 35 fishermen going on this trip just watch someone fly a kite?

When my 2 yellow-fin were caught, most of the people were a sleep or not fishing. It was late at night.

Same for the kite fishing, there were very few people fishing while it was happening.

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The pending state record was cught by the same guy flying the kite on our trip.
He was the 2nd Capt. named John

52 Hour Long Range Trip

Big E 7/19 - 21/06

Pending State Record Blackfin Snapper - 7.2#
53 Yellowfin Tuna up to 92#
200+ Blackfin Tuna
51 Grouper
19 Amberjack up to 51#

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the chinese knife jigs on ebay are almost an exact copy of river to sea, hell yes thell work! for less than half if you catch the auction right. I have always favored the pink jigs but after catching 25 bft in a row there was no more color or prisim tape left on the knive jig and they were still hitting it.

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Mudskipper--- did you use the Ebay jigs? How did they work compared
to more expensive models ?

The fish destroyed them

I went thru hem like hot cakes w/ melted butter

Only problem, the toothy critters like them alot......

I lost close to $100 in jigs in 3 hrs

and I never touched any shimano butterfly's

I am saving them

not sure for what

But I refuse to feed them to Sharks and Baricudda
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