Big E Finale....(for 2007)

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    Well....I'm pretty tired...but I'll post a quick synopsis of the trip and let others that were on the trip add their stories and perspectives of the last Big E 52 hour trip for 2007.

    The Big E finale for 2007 was a great trip. The weather was definitely a hindering factor on the first day/night, (i.e. the drift was fast, water currents were strong and the waves/swells were pretty big).

    I am not certain as to the specifics on the numbers, but I overheard the deckhands say that we were somewhere between 54 to 56 yellowfins a while before we stopped fishing, so maybe the count was around 60. I saw two grouper that were around 40-50 lbs. and the other around 30 lbs. Lots of nice snapper were caught as well as many blackfin tuna. There were two fish that may make an "Identify this fish" post if pics were taken....I'll let someone else describe them.

    The yellowfin tuna that were caught were nice sized with a few that weighed over 100 lbs. Two of the tuna were in the 130 - 140 (or greater) pound class. Several yellowfins were between 75 to 100 pounds.

    Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was great to meet new friends.

    Now for some pics.....

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    more pics...

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    more pics....

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    Just curious. How many women were fishing on the trip? Did they all catch a tuna?
  5. DeepBlueGulf

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    I counted three women, I know one of them did not get a Yellowfin, but probably all got Blackfin. Great bunch of gal fishers.

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    brenda smith got a yellowfin and also an nice shark that made her day. gloria hogue the other lady that drove over from florida with brenda did not get her yellowfin this trip but it wasn't because she didn't try. both these ladies are a hoot to fish with and have a great effect when they are on board. seems the fellows tend to take a few more showers and change clothes a little more
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    Nice trip! Some great yellowfin and some really big blackfin tuna.

    Did John catch that big yellowfin on a jig off the bow?

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    Pat. I heard it was on the kite.